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Below is user information for Master Ruth. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:telesilla (65592)
Name:Master Ruth
Location:Sacramento, California, United States
Bio:The Umberto Eco of TPM slash
The Gore Vidal of TrekSmut

Founder and Member of The backfromspace All Girl Platonic Love Harem

For the usual LJ stuff see my LJ.

This BJ is for wanking, public displays of rudness, bitchiness, MiSTing, and probaly even more TMI than I indulge in on LJ.

See also: mst_the_moron and plushie_fic.

This is the kitchen. It'll be hot. The door is over there.

Fandom is Fucking Funny.  Clique here  to laugh more.

Interests:70: aotc, baseball, bdsm, bisexuality, bondage, books, chocolate, corsets, dominance, erotica, ethereal goth music, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fandom, fandom wank, fandom_wank, fanfic, fantasy, food, fotr, geek grrls, geeks, giants, grrls, harry potter, helping god kill kittens, ice cream, kink, lesbians, liam neeson, lord of the rings, lotr, mockity-mock-mock!, moulin rouge, mst3k, obi-wan kenobi, pagans, petty meanness, platonic love harem, playing well with others, playing with dolls, plushie fic, plushie love, plushie sex, polyamory, porn, qui-gon jinn, reading, rps, science fiction, sex, slash, smut, sparkly boyporn, squidwarts, star trek, star wars, tattoos, the sims, tingly parts, tmi temple, tpm, travel, treksmut, ttt, velvet goldmine, wank, wanking, witchcraft, writing
Friends:40: ari_, arkane156, backfromspace, cicirossi, coreopsis, dandelow, darkrosetiger, darthhellokitty, darththalia, dawnjosephine, dine, elke_tanzer, epeeblade, ereshkigal, fandom_wank, flutterg, greensage, helens78, ideology_wank, kyuuketsukirui, lexin, lori_b, mst_the_moron, o0hugsnkisses0o, otps_r_us, padawanhilary, phosfate, plushie_fic, rahalia, restless_spirit, rohandove, sagralisse, sidewinder, sithdragn, slippery_fish, snuh, sorchar, squashed, starblade, the_squid
Friend of:28: ari_, arkane156, backfromspace, cicirossi, dandelow, darkrosetiger, darthhellokitty, dawnjosephine, diamona, dine, elke_tanzer, epeeblade, ereshkigal, gairid, greensage, jons_slut, lori_b, o0hugsnkisses0o, padawanhilary, phosfate, rohandove, sidewinder, slippery_fish, sorchar, squashed, starblade, the_squid, versailles_rose
Member of:3: ideology_wank, mst_the_moron, plushie_fic
Account type:Early Adopter

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