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Below is user information for jerry. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tearsofblood187 (523459)
Location:homewood, United States
AOL IM:inmydreams187 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:in the past alot of shit has happend some was my fault but the most that isnt my fault it over waiyed all of it becuz allot of shit glad this shit has happend even though its really hard to face reality most of the time...i try to enjoy som of the pleuser in life is so crazy real...i guess thats the way its is so i cant change a fuckin thing .....i work so hard for what i get and i try my fuckin best to not give up which i dont but i love my freands,,,robert, justin, dustin, kacee, zelda, charles god bless his soul, kurtis, nick, chuckie, and i wont know till the end if some of these people are my true freands but some i know they are..............well i have to say if it wasnt my freands idd brow my brains out or slit my wrist but thats life if u cant hadle it well get the fuck out of here.....i pray and evneshilly every thing is okay....i <3 kacee
Interests:40: 311, 36 mafia, afi, aperfectcircle, atreyu, autumn to ashes, bush, cannibal corpes, crunchy black, deftones, disturd, dj paul, eminem, frayser boy, hatebreed, hed pe, ill nino, inflames, juciy j, juvinille, kittie, korn, lamb of god, lil chat, lil wayne, lil wyte haste, linkin park, lord infamaus, mudvayne, normajean, poisenthewell, project pat, six feet under, smashing pumkins, soulfly, staind, system of a down, the goo goo dolls, tool, zwan
Friends:10: bamssexkitten, d_to_the_lizoh, jennysjournal, korn_on_the_cob, lessordinarily, milli247, splitcomplexion, tonberryking, twinklesprinkle, x1somegirl1x
Friend of:2: bamssexkitten, milli247
Account type:Free User

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