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User:teardroponurlip (18460)
Website:kickass award community
Location:Ohio, United States
AOL IM:Infinite Dream17 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Entrance in to my life

Family Portrait
Well i was born to Melissa and Charles. I popped out on June 28, 1986. When i was 2 my dad’s mom died of breast cancer.
On July 29, 1989 they decide just having me wasn't
enough so they went and had my sister. Then in the middle of the 1990 my mom got pregnant again and they ended up having a mischarge.. My dad father past away during his sleep from a heart attach.
When i think of him i will always remember going to the chat and chew, him always give my mom
money for food and the day i went over in my Halloween custom and danced around his house, And in ON may 20 my dad was over my grandpa cuz they took turns looking after
him my dad came home and he told us my grandpa died in his sleep. I couldn't
get that day out of my head i still
remember crying all the ways to my
grandmas and going to school i sat there and told my friend he died. My grandma and
grandpa on my mom side are spit up
i see my Grandma all the time and i only
see my grandpa when am at baliee's b-day
party or if someone dies.

Why must the people who deserve to live perish while the others get to strive??

The Farm
Well i have many animals. I have 3
dogs a cat and some fish.. I think there still alive.. The dogs name are
Sabrina- girl (she is so nice and playful)
Tippy- male (if there u know are they
really still a male or not they don’t
have the thing of a male but then they
don’t have the thing of a female so im
guessing its medical wonder)
max- male Ok well make is a miniature
pincher so he kinda looks like a chiwawa
he is soo pathetic u gotta love him...
Mickey- well same thing goes for him
as goes for tippy.
The Fish i don’t know.. I think there
still alive my mom feeds them and shit

The stars in the sky for this month
Family and domestic responsibilities
will fill your holiday calendar, dear Cancer,
as usual. But December will also be a
wonderful time in the area of your life
that governs romance and creative self-expression. Make your list and check
it twice, as Jupiter turns retrograde in the
House that is concerned with finance
and personal resources. Try to keep
your holiday spending within your budget.
Expect a few challenges in your workplace
as the momentum builds, especially
early in the month. From December 5-20,
Mars and Venus will combine in Scorpio.
You can expect romance in your
life not only to sizzle, but also to
deepen beyond imagination. A few
challenging aspects from Neptune,
the planet of romance and illusions, suggest
that you keep your feet on the ground,
especially between December 13 and
16, when a few unexpected complications
could surface. Expect to take care of last
minute shopping, and organizing on
December 19, when the Full Moon
conjuncts Saturn. This is also an
excellent time for any celebration that involves extended family. As Mercury, t.

What is in a Name?
Well i was born Sarah Ann (do u really
think im gonna give u my last name
like i need a stalker). But why would
my parents name me Sarah thats
such a common name i would have
going to with Haliee, Syler, or Tyler.
But to me a name doesn't mean much so
Ur name is Sam or Amanda it doesn't
give u a personality or uniqueness.
And if u needs a name to get peoples
an attention instead or personality then
something is wrong.

The girl in the crowd
Well lets eliminate all the types of girl
im not. Ok well first of im not the kinda
girl ur see in porn movies or in little
boy exotic dreams,im not the goody-goody too shoes, im not the oh lets go out get
high and drunk and catch each
other one fire, im not the preps kind,
im not punk, Goth, cheerleader,
country, so the only other type i can
think of is the girl next store guess
what i don’t have a type cuz im unique or
just plain loco. I like to do my own
thing when i can i enjoy sitting at
home doing nothing as long as i
know one of my friends are doing
the same damn thing.

Picture prefect
well lets see well my looks. I have reddish
brown hair with brand spanking new
highlights. I have hazel eyes and
straight teeth. Im not too much
on the side of fat cow and im not on
the side of being a tooth pick even
though the thought of seeing someone’s
ribs is gross. And the thought of
seeing a fat beached whale in a
bathing suit is kinda funny yet said
sad at the same time. I try to look
perfect but i learned the more i try
the shirtier i look. I wear glasses cuz im nearsighted (cant see things far away)
Ok why didn’t they just say far sight
instead of near sided i don’t know.
I wear a lot of make up i have rose
red cheeks WHICH I HATE so
i glob on the make up and i look like
Casper. I would tan but that would
cuz more freckles something i try
to avoid at all coasts. I look hot with
make i look like shit.

The style behind the diva
Well my style is shirts jacket and
the kewl new stretchy wide legged
pants from jordash. I love cloths
even though i don’t have any. I have
a half way decent wardrobe cloths
that mostly consists of cloths that i
don’t like. I will think an outfit is
kicking then i bring it home and its
like the fuck did i buy these for.
I love snicker there sooo comfy
but im like really short only about
5'3 i knoooow midget size not quit
i think there shorter ok anyways back
on topic but to make me taller i wear
the shoes a girl can go with out the high heel.

My Saturday night consists of these shows and
a shit load of junk food:
Well i love movies my fave movies are:(in no order)
Billy Madison
drive me crazy
center stage
ferries bullar's day off (sp)
10 things i hate about you
16 candles
pretty in pink
breakfast club
Harry potter one and 2
All the Austin powers
Buffy the vampire slayer
and many many more

Fave TV shows
8 rules to dating my daughter
What i like about you
Sabrina the teenage witch
Do over
according to Jim
and many many more

my click, my gang, in other words my friends.
ok i know how a lot go omg i have sooo many to name blah blah blah k. I'll say it i don’t have a bunch of friends. I have a few close ones:

Lauren: she is always there when i need her she is always there
to piss me off or make me feel better se soo different were a like. She is the best

Kayla: well she is a
close friend who i really don’t get
along with. She is a tfb.. But she
said she was sorry so i don’t know

Lacey: well her and me have been friends since
3rd grade summer. Even though in 5th
grade she wouldn't let me be she bunk
buddies o well. She is the person
u can go with out talking to and with
out saying a word she knows something wrong.

Trina, tiffany, jo-jo
there not really close friend but they are friends

Allison, Kelly, Tami they are the people who only talk
to you if u need something

and the blurty girls thanks for read my boring journal
and even commenting on it.

The things the bring rain to my cloudy day:
lets see this is hard everything pisses me off.
I hate how people say they
hate bitches and liars and then them self be bitches and liars. Now i cant say
i hate bitches cuz i can be a bitch at times. I can’t say i hate liar’s cuz i lie a lot.
But things that make me mad.

Getting up early, sluts, hoes, whore,
who have overly sexual human
beings with more then one sex partner,
i hate being sick, i hate swimming, i hate school,
i hate cleaning, i hate the cold,
i hate when i don’t get my way,
i hate rude people, i hate cheaters,
pimps, wanna be pimps, heartbreakers,
and i hate when people lie even
though u know there lying.

Things that bring the sunshine back:
i like watching TV, going shopping,
eating, reading sing, talk, dancing,
acting like a jackass in front of my
friends, hanging out with the folks
if there in a good mood, my soon to
be cell phone, and some other
things i can't think of right now

Pick and choose
IF i had to pick what words
fit me most
lazy, funny, bitchy, cool, weird, nice,
helpful, creative, guts, and many more
depending on the time of the month

the exit


Interests:30: a walk to remember, adam sandler, aim, ashanti, avril lavigne, britney spears, candy, chatting, cloths, comedy, computers, crying, dead zone, dismissed, dr. pepper, drama, dvds, eminem, etc., heartache, icons, movies, music, nick cater, pink and white, ryan phillipe, starbursts, tara reid, tears, tv
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