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Below is user information for shes worthless. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tear_stains (41610)
Name:shes worthless

lay !
she's feeling worthless
used again but
nothing's different.

Interests:108: alkaline trio, atticus fault, audiovent, black nailpolish, blink 182, blue, boxcar racer, boys, bracelets, brand new, california, candy, cellphones, cheerleading, commenting, communities, converse, creed, dashboard confessional, dc shoes, drive-thru records, driving, emo guys, etnies, eyeliner, filter, finch, fingertight, fireworks, florida, freaks, friends, glasses, glow sticks, godsmack, goldfinger, good charlotte, greenday, gummy worms, guys, homegrown, hot pink, hot topic, incubus, internet, jimmy eat world, justincase, laughing, makeup, midtown, movies, music, name taken, new found glory, nfg, nickelback, papa roach, pasta, piercings, poetry, puddle of mudd, punk, punk rock, quizzes, rainbows, red, red hot chilli peppers, relationships, rival schools, rob zombie, roxy, rx bandits, saves the day, sharpies, showers, simple plan, singing, skateboarding, skaters, skating, sleeping, smiling, snow, soda, something corperate, spikes, spongebob, staind, stargazing, sugarcult, sum 41, sum41, sunsets, talking, the ataris, the movielife, the starting line, the used, the white stripes, thongs, thursday, tool, tounge rings, trust company, unwritten law, warped tour, webcams, weezer
Friends:43: 44caliberlove, adorable_me, briaxbria, candii_n_creamz, cheergurl, danielle555, dontxbexjealous, etio, eyeliner__, fadedeternity, fantasticx, idioto, lilrabbit, love_icons, love_is, lucybaterxx, palacetards_, pickmeastar, raininmyeyes, rockin_adam, sexifiedali, sokissable, solostarx, soxjaded_, stareverfading, staronmyshoe, stupid_username, supersara13, suxsgetincaught, swtjessie, wildchildx0x, x1sam1x, xbrent_, xplainxsimplex, xseximarx, xtemptingx, xxblairxx, x_emotionless_x, x_shedevil, yeahboi, _confidence, _ratedx, _violated
Friend of:30: 1986_, adamlovescars, boygrinder_, briaxbria, candii_n_creamz, cheergurl, contagiousx, dontxbexjealous, eskimo, explorer, fadedeternity, fantasticx, gelatin_x, lifemetdeth, love_is, luckiducki, lucybaterxx, nataliiexx, pickmeastar, sexifiedali, sokissable, soxjaded_, stareverfading, suxsgetincaught, swtjessie, xbrent_, xseximarx, xtemptingx, xxblairxx, _violated
Member of:2: emolyrics, newfriends
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2002-12-22 13:31:03
Date updated:2004-02-11 23:44:54, 566 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
Win32-MFC: 1.4.7-BETA2+WA3
Journal entries:144
Comments:Posted: 405 - Received: 322
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