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Below is information about the "Teacup Transfiguration RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:teacuptransfig (169324)  
Name:Teacup Transfiguration RPG
"Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that - that school - and came home every holiday with her pockets full of frogspawn, turning teacups into rats..." - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Welcome to Teacup Transfiguration, a HP role-playing game set in the MWPP era, where Harry doesn't even exist yet and his parents and their friends are still boys and girls themselves, in their seventh-year at Hogwarts.

Teacup Transfiguration is set in MWPP's seventh year at Hogwarts. The threat of Voldemort is drawing ever nearer and closer to home. Tension at Hogwarts is rising and outbursts of tears in the corridors aren't entirely uncommon.

But if you've got to go, why not go out with a bang? Join in on a journey full of laughter, tears, Quidditch, humor, exams, angst, spells, romance, and much, much more!

- You must post at least once every fortnight (either in your character journal or in the community journal).
- Good grammar and spelling is a must. No netspeak, thank you.
- OCs are allowed, since this is an MWPP RPG, and most characters in their era aren't known-of, but nothing too outlandish: basically, nothing smacking of Mary Sues/Gary Stus. However, if you do create an OC, have the character distantly related to a canon character -- which is to say, use a canon surname. (Such as "Diggory" or "Lovegood" or some such.)
- You must adhere to the rules of canon. (Hagrid can't be the size of Flitwick, all of JK's creations must be spelled correctly, etc.)
- All pairings are fair game, including slash. However, you need to contact the other party you wish to be involved before starting in on the character relationship. Also, no romance with a character who's not in the game yet.
- No OOC posts in TT allowed. Those belong in frogspawn, the OOC community. However, OOC comments to posts are allowed, so long as you've clearly marked your comment as OOC. (i.e. OOC: Hee! Love your portrayal of Character A, he cracks me up.)
- To denote private character thoughts, disable comments.
- Interactions with other players go in the TT community, and character musings (not necessarily private) go in your character's personal journal.
- During a third-person interaction post, don't include other characters who have not yet approved of their character participating in it, or have not had a hand in writing the post

frogspawn is our OOC community. To reiterate the rules, there are no OOC posts in TT allowed. You can make an OOC comment to a post as long as you clearly mark the comment as OOC, if you want to remark on the player's good writing style or whatnot, but no OOC posts. Take it to Frogspawn, thanks.

Have you read the rules? Good. Just fill out the following and e-mail it to, or post it as a comment here.



Desired character:

Character username:

Character description:

Plans/ideas for the charater:

Previous RPG experience (if applicable):

Writing sample (about 100 words or more):

Lily Evans // Ivy
Peter Pettigrew // April
Arabella Figg // Angela
James Potter // Terry
Remus Lupin // Rain
Shannon Ganley // Meagan
Severus Snape // Yuuki Miyaka
Sirius Black // Rachel
Maia Black // Rachel
Rebecca Bell // Melissa
Narcissa Warrington // Desiree
Zoe Cauldwell // Meghan
Molly Colleen Giaccio // Amarice Sky
Caitlyn Lovegood // Ivy
Ryuu Leonhart // Scott
Lane Connelly // Maxy

-- Your friendly neighbourhood mods Ivy and April
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