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Below is user information for Tasuki No Miko :: albie-chan ::. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tasuki_no_miko (2420)  
Name:Tasuki No Miko :: albie-chan ::
AOL IM:daisuketasuki (Add Buddy, Send Message)

:: the fangirl ::
irrashi! welcome to my blurtyjournal. a little bit on me...

i'm an 18-year-old california native girl currently attending UCR (University of California, Riverside or, as my roommates and i call it, University of California, Rejects :P). i'm a liberal studies major, with major emphasis in english and minor emphasis in education (i want to be a teacher for little kiddies! :D). my interests include writing, reading, daydreaming, anime, bishounen, photoshopping, listening/playing music, having fun, and on and on.

:: the journal ::
i don't use this journal as much as i do my livejournal and ujournal. it's mostly for icons and such, but i mean, i love meeting new people. so don't be afraid to add me, despite that this is a friends-only journal.

there are certain rules for being added to my journal:

[1] no ripping off of my graphics.
[2] we must have a few common interests.
[3] if i added you first.
[4] you must comment once in a while, so i know you're at least taking my journal in consideration.
[5] you cannot be homophobic, racist, chavuanist, whatever -ist that's negative. xP i don't tolerate stuff like that.
[6] say "tasuki is mine" or "jounouchi is mine" - and you're on my hitlist. >>;; so you won't be added.
[7] i reserve the right to not add you for whatever reason at all that i need not state. i am not obligated to.

:: claims // communities ::
there is no doubt i am one of (if not THE) biggest fan of tasuki alive in this world today. he is the most beautiful character yuu watase ever drew for any of her stories. now, i don't have much to prove how much i love tasuki - my wallscrolls, artbooks, scribbled drawings, endless icons/desktops, and of course through my claiming. on livejournal i believe i have the most tasuki claims of all claim communities involving anime characters. so... if you think you're a bigger fan than me- please leave now. you'll only be embarassing yourself if you don't.

anime_defenders | i'm protecting my precious Tasuki from other fangirls! ^o^
anime_mascots | Notaro and Ryo-ohki!
claims | Tasuki!
claimursinger | Mike Shinoda :: Matchbox 20
claim_anime | Sanosuke Sagara :: Tasuki (shared)
claim_an_item | Tasuki's: fangs, jewelery, tessen, clothes, spell papers! Jounouchi's: card deck and dogtog necklace. ^^
claim_a_chibi | Chibi Tasuki! ^^
claim_a_name | i stole Tasuki's name. :B
claim_a_neko | i neko-fied Tasuki, Sanosuke Sagara, and Ferio >^.^<
claim_a_soul | Tasuki's soul is now mine! xD
claim_me | Rob Thomas, Sanosuke Sagara, Tasuki and Tobey Maguire :3
claim_stuffs | it's mine now! Tasuki's jewelery, tessen, fangs, and all tasuki plushies! Jounouchi's REBD card is mine too. NO TOUCHY! xD
claim_yo_bitch | HE'S my bitch. Tasuki, that is. >D
doyouwantme | Brandon Boyd, Mike Shinoda, Tobey Maguire and Rob Thomas. <3
games | Kyo Kusanagi, that sexy fire-throwing bastard. xD
i_claim_this | i claim Tasuki, Jounouchi Katsuya, Ferio, Sanosuke Sagara and Rob Thomas. :D
keeper | i am in posession of Tasuki's tessen and Jounouchi Katsuya's school uniform. ^^
my_ff | tidus :: squall
quirkies | Tasuki's --> tessen, jewelery, clothes, eyes and his "LEKKA SHINEN!" <3
song_claims | "Just A Little Girl" - Amy Studt
villian_claims | Legato Bluesummers :: Suboshi
yaoi_couples | Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi Katsuya (oh, the yummy shounen-ai! x9)
you_x_who | me x Sanosuke Sagara!

:: bj sisters ::

a gift for me from mokona_onna :: . arigatou gozaimasu, puu-puu! ^^
Interests:59: aeropostale, anime, bandanas, bath and body works, bishounen, blue, candy, caramel, claim communities, claiming, david duchovny, digital pictures, domon kasshu, edward norton, eiri x yuki, escaflowne, fangboys, fangs, ferio, folken fanel, fushigi yuugi, g gundam, gir, goggles, gundam wing, icon making, icons, invader zim, joey is mine, joey wheeler, jounouchi is mine, jounouchi katsuya, kamijo is not gay, layouts, linkin park, magic knight rayearth, making layouts, matchbox 20, music, notaro, otogi ryuuji, photoshop, poetry, rob thomas, robert frost, rurouni kenshin, sanosuke sagara, seto x jounouchi, shounen-ai, tarepanda, tasuki, tasuki is mine, the strokes, tobey maguire, ucr, van fanel, yaoi, yuu matsuura, yuu-gi-oh
Friends:33: anthony, ashurii, berks, bunnii, deathbystar, duskmon, enigmaticdaemon, iconage, iconmakers, icons_4_u, icon_holic, jellies, kiko, kiwi_a_gogo, kuja, kyoami, mokona_onna, moon_flow, nothingspecial, nozomi, offcenter, ramses84, ruki, saiya, sakebi, shuuko, stars, tennis_chick, totalkaos, yami, your_everything, _hikaru, _setsuna
Friend of:18: ashurii, berks, deathbystar, duskmon, enigmaticdaemon, kiko, kuja, kyoami, mokona_onna, ramses84, ruki, sakebi, shuuko, sliplikespace, sohma_hatori, tinkerbelle1139, _hikaru, _setsuna
Member of:28: animeicons, anime_defenders, anime_mascots, claims, claimursinger, claim_anime, claim_an_item, claim_a_chibi, claim_a_neko, claim_a_plush, claim_a_soul, claim_me, claim_my_body, claim_shonen, claim_yo_bitch, games, gethitched, hpclaims, iconage, icons_4_u, i_claim_this, keeper, my_ff, quirkies, unrequitedlove, villian_claims, yaoi_couples, you_x_who
Account type:Early Adopter

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