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User:targetedgirl (117045)
Name:Unlovely Mind
Location:Indiana, United States
Bio:What good is a mirror anyway? she wondered as she gazed into the reflective surface, hung mockingly under bad yellow lighting. She ran her fingers over her skin, lightly tracing the contours of her face. Cheekbones would be nice. Inset eyes, perfectly arched eyebrows, fuller lips, and a smaller nose couldn’t hurt either, she thought. A mirror does nothing but remind you of everything you despise. There’s always one around, ready to point your flaws out to you with no regard to your feelings. A mirror is harsh and unforgiving. They never attempt to boost your self esteem or brighten your day. And why should a mirror do any of those things? It’s a completely inanimate object. But one of the loudest, most vibrant ones there are. Always ready to say what they see, whether you like it or not. She angled her face in an attempt to find a more attractive position. No luck. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel beautiful? Wouldn’t it be great to never worry about what other people saw when they glanced your way? She picked up eyeliner and slowly drew a thin black line across her top lash line. An eyelash curler and black mascara took care of her unadorned lashes. She took a step back from the mirror. Not much help, but a little color never hurts a pale winter face. Her lips were dry and thin. Burt’s Bees lip balm and a dash of coppery color would certainly help. She proceeded to complete her look in a timely manner. She gazed at herself in the mirror, wondering how much money she would waste on makeup in one lifetime. The mirror laughed. Too much, she knew. But it was necessary, right? Again the mirror threw in its two cents. She needed a new face. The bright yellow lights shone down on her face, casting ugly shadows below her eyes and nose. When will it be my time? When we they pay attention to me? she screamed angrily at her reflection. An enraged fist threw itself upon the glassy surface, sending shards of glass in all directions. We’ll see what the mirror has to say now, she thought as she collapsed onto the ground.
Interests:85: adam sandler, aerosmith, afi, alicia keys, anti-flag, aqua teen hunger force, bad religion, billy idol, black nail polish, bone thugs n harmony, books, bracelets, bring it on, candles, cars, chinese food, chocolate, clothes, clueless, corvettes, criminology, cuddling, diamonds, dmb, downtown, dr. dre, drew barrymore, drive me crazy, driving, eminem, emo glasses, eyes, ferraris, food, gemology, geneva cookies, girly magazines, go ask alice, high cheekbones, internet, jeffrey dahmer, kate hudson, kids (the movie), makeup, marilyn manson, meeting people, memories, michael jackson, movies, mullets, music, nappy roots, never been kissed, photography, piebald, pinstripes, poetry, psychology, quesadillas, sarcasm, scary movie, seafood, seduction, sex, shopping, skinny boys, snoop dogg, snow days, something corporate, stained glass, stand up comedy, sunlight, tea length dresses, the 80's, the ataris, the osbournes, the shining, the tribute, tomatoes with salt, tube tops, tv, urban decay, warm weather, weezer, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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