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User:tarded (132041)
Location:west long branch, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:the mandah show (Add Buddy, Send Message)

&! tHiS GiRL
Hey seb-looking ;x It's Amanda. Also known as Mander, Mandalyn, Mandrez, Manderz, Manda, Man, Mannah, Mandah, manDUH, Duh, Chip, Manny, Andy, Sunshine, and all the others. I grew up in Long Branch, NJ. Now I live in West Long Branch..big move right? I live in the section of my town called the 'ruff side' or the 'wlb ghetto'. Anyway, I'm 13 years old. Really young and I can't do shiznit. My brithday is June 19, 1989. O61989. Remember that date. I'm in 8th grade at FAS. Also called 'the HELLHOLE'. Yep, I don't like my school. I have no school spirit. Anytime spent at school before 7;50 or after 2;35 doesn't happen for me..unless I have detention. From grades 1-5 I was always 'The Bad Influence'. The came 6th + 7th Grade. The 'goody-2-shoes' phase. Pfft, that was just sad. I'm back to being the bad influence, alhough I still don't get in trouble a lot. I used to be smart too. I'm not anymore. I'm still on honor roll, but barely. I don't do sports. Again no spirit whatsoever. If you saw me playing some sort of sport, you actually did not see me. I DON'T PLAY SPORTS. The only school thing I do is Yearbook; I'm on the Business Staff. I am chunky. Not fat, but not skinny either. So I'll just say 'chunky'. I'm 5'2 or something like that. I'm pretty short. But that's okey, I would rather be short than tall.

My journal is . . PUBLiC! Woohoo right? I figure that I have nothing to hide from anyone. I'm open to my friends and why not be open with complete srangers. Heh ;D I have to warn you that my life isn't too interesting. I tend to write pointless posts. When they are long it is probably because I am ranting about someone or something. Those are the interesting posts. I let out all of my feelings in my posts, unless they are depressing feelings..then I usually keep them to myself. If you leave a rude comment expect to get one right back and it will just be deleted. So don't even bother, alright? I'll get big, nasty cyber-dogs on your ass. So stop drinking the hatorade and go leave me a comment.

&! My L0VE
I am SiNGLE. But there is someone that I really LiKE. I won't share his name because he will most likely come to my journal. You probably know who it is already, it is pretty obvious. I think he knows too. I don't mind that he knows, I just wish he felt the same way back..but he doesn't. He doesn't want to screw up our friendship and I guess he is right. We shouldn't risk it. But I really like him. It may take a while, but I'll wait as long as foever. I would love to be with him. To be able to say that I was 'his girl' but chyeah, that's not happening any time soon </3>

Yes, I do my own layouts, bios, and icons. I do NOT help anyone with their things unless we are friends in real life. Even then, I don't have much time to do anything for my friends. I do tend to have 'layout making sprees' and 'icon sprees' I never have 'bio sprees' because I HATE making them. I am not part of any 'Award Communities' bu I'm thinking about joining a few to see if I could win any. I doubt that though.

So you can't get enough of me, huh? Well if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or you just want to talk you can contact me. My email I can always also be found on AIM, which is the mandah show. You could also email me at But I don't check that address too often ;(

Interests:87: 7th heaven, 8 simple rules, 80s, :-*, :d, ;x, abercrombie, addicted, alloy, american eagle, ashanti, ashton kutcher, bbq fritos, black, blue, blurty, bracelets, brave new world, britney spears, bruce springsteen, colin farrell, cosmogirl, delias, doritos, eeyore, emo, etnies, everwood, flip flops, friends, green, hip hop, hot topic, html, hurley, icons, ignition, ja rule, jlo, justin timberlake, konstantine, layouts, lil kim, lollipops, love, ludacris, mariah carey, missy elliot, mmm, mtv, orange, pacsun, paul walker, pharrel, pierre, pink, popcorn, pretty in pink, puma, punk, purple, r&b, r. kelly, rap, real world, red, rock, rubber bracelets, ska, something corporate, sorority life, stephen king, styles p, sugarcult, summer, swing swing, the all-american rejects, the shining, tootsie pops, trl, tupac, tyson, victoria secret, white, will&grace, wristbands, yellow
Friends:7: babyawards, bjawards, blazin_blurties, blurtyawards, buckcd3420, in_another, _fanny
Friend of:2: buckcd3420, in_another
Member of:4: babyawards, bjawards, blazin_blurties, blurtyawards
Account type:Early Adopter

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