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Below is information about the "Fake Plastic Trees" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:talk_show_hosts (27575)
Name:Fake Plastic Trees
Website:Information source

[ under construction . . ]

Interests:52: airbag, amnesiac, anyone can play guitar, black star, blow out, bones, british pop, climbing up walls, coke babies, creep, fake plastic tress, fitter happier, fog, high and dry, homesick alien, how do you, how to disappear completely, i cant, idioteque, just, karma police, kid a, let down, lucky, lull, lurgee, morning bell, my iron lung, nice dream, no surprises, ok computer, optimistic, pablo honey, paranoid android, planet telex, prove yourself, pyramid song, radiohead, ripcord, stop whispeing, stupid car, sulk, talk show host, the bends, the national anthem, the tourist, treefingers, true love waits, vegetable, worrywort, you, you and whose army
Members:54: acidglitter, backfire, bluestars, bowling_fool, breathedeep, brendangauntner, brendan_fehr, bud_brownie, coagulate, crazybeat, cuntness, deadradio, doman29, dreamsofbohemia, dyingtree, emptyvision, enjoy_421, fallen_icon, fitter_happier, iheartindie, infinitewheel, jesuswanker, jonsi, katherine_behr, ledzeppelin, marias, mentalxmiranda, myfistyourface, ohthismess, orqasmic, pixiedragonfly, polyatomics, posa, pure_grace, pyr0, sadward, salka, sawred, sextypeivy, she_can_read, skinned, smigs, solaris, spockrock, tastethetrees, thebeesknees, velvetdeer, vixenmh4, vixeolia, wild_one, wise_up, x_kat_x, zaboomafoo, _xxx
Watched by:21: backfire, bluestars, bowling_fool, breathedeep, brendangauntner, coagulate, emptyvision, jesuswanker, jonsi, ohthismess, pure_grace, pyr0, sadward, sawred, she_can_read, solaris, thediseaseshook, thesandman, vixeolia, wild_one, x_kat_x
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