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User:taliaphoenix (108736)
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
ICQ UIN: 64479320 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Hi there!

My journal is friends only, most of the time. I have other journals, but this one is not as publicized, so I guess I would consider this my "therapy journal". If you're interested in adding me, let me know. I will usually add you back.

yep, i'm over 18.
Interests:87: 80s, ab fab, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, anime soundtracks, anita blake, apple pucker, blogging, blogs, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cams, chiho saito, computers, cons, conventions, cosplay, costuming, dance dance revolution, doctor who, douglas adams, dragon half, drinking, econoline crush, elizabethan, erotica, excel saga, fantasy, fashion, gaming, geeks, glam, gothy, hentai, house of leaves, journals, kitten heels, kunihiko ikuhara, kushiel's dart, l33tspeak, lain, larping, laurell k. hamilton, law and order, linux, lords of acid, love, makeup, manga, mark., megatokyo, merry gentry, mojico, monty python, movies, music, new orleans, nine inch nails, online comics, photography, photoshop, poe, porno patrol, reading, red lipstick, renaissance, robert jordan, roleplaying, sailor moon, sca, sci-fi, sewing, sex, smallville, the prisoner, tori amos, user friendly, utena, vampire, vampire hunter d, vampire: the masquerade, webpage design, wheel of time, wigs, will and grace, writing
Friends:6: americangeiko, arisbranwin, orchid_dream, over18, shekickshigh, suggestions
Friend of:4: americangeiko, arisbranwin, orchid_dream, shekickshigh
Member of:2: over18, suggestions
Account type:Early Adopter

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