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Below is user information for this one's gonna bruise. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:talentedbreezes (113901)
Name:this one's gonna bruise
Website:talented breezes
Location:British Columbia, Canada
ICQ UIN: 122166456 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:music_dependant (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:talentedbreezes
Bio:About me? Hm.

Level one: Lindsay. Nineteen. Canadian.
Level two: Hates full time job. Loves her two cats. Photography + music = life & passion.
Level three: In love, but alone. Obsessive compulsive. Major trust issues.

If you want to be my friend [<3], comment on my open entry and I might add you back. This journal has no distinct purpose yet, but will be used to post some things that I just don't want to post in my public Live Journal, talentedbreezestalentedbreezes.
Interests:96: <3, 3 doors down, aaron lines, andy stochansky, angie aparo, animals, best friends, beth orton, bliss66, books, boy touching, boys that kiss, brand new, brandon boyd, bright eyes, british accents, british columbia, california, calvin and hobbes, canada, care bears, cats, child free, chocolate, concerts, covers of oasis songs, daniel bedingfield, denis leary, dogs, finger 11, george clooney, goo goo dolls, halloween, hanson, howie day, html, hugh grant, hugh jackman, jamie walters, john cusack, john mayer, jonny lang, july for kings, karma, keith urban, lava lamps, mark feuerstein, matchbox twenty, matthew perry, michael j. fox, monopoly, movie books, movies, music, ocean's 11, ok go, otown, our lady peace, pasta, pens, pets, photography, reading, reading away messages, rhett miller, robin williams, ryan adams, safety pins, sam roberts, sarcasm, savage garden, sentimental geek, simple plan, sleeping boys, snail mail, something corporate, soul mates, stereo360, straws, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talented breezes, teddy bears, the ataris, the desaparecidos, the serenity prayer, the strokes, the u.k., train, treble charger, trust company, turtles, ty beanie buddies, u2, whose line is it, will and grace
Friends:21: 3doorsdown, alkalinextrio, boy_touching, childfree, fearsinthrees, hiddenambitions, hockeyfrog, howie__day, johnny_hotrod, joshkelley, madshrubbery, mystery_girl, nowhere_road, oceans11, rhett_miller, ryan_adams, simplylove, stereo360, supremedork, talentedbreezes, thefallen
Friend of:10: fearsinthrees, hiddenambitions, hockeyfrog, madshrubbery, nowhere_road, simplylove, supremedork, talentedbreezes, thefallen, unspokenthought
Member of:10: 3doorsdown, alkalinextrio, boy_touching, childfree, howie__day, joshkelley, oceans11, rhett_miller, ryan_adams, stereo360
Account type:Early Adopter

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