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User:systemfreak1 (96215)
Website:My GJ
Location:Illinois, United States
Bio:Basic Info:
Hello, welcome to (one of my many) journals. I’m obsessed with music, first off. I play clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and piano. Right now, I’m obsessed with Badly Drawn Boy, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand and Led Zeppelin. Period. *’d journals are the ones I use most frequently. Comment on my journal to be added! :)


My Other Journals:
~*prospect@greatestjournal *
~*clarinerd@greatestjournal *
~*Lyrics: ohlyricalone
~*Quizzes: amysquizzes


Blurty Layouts:
Ver. 1: Moulin Rouge (March ‘03)
Ver. 2: System of a Down (April ‘03)
Ver. 3: Dominic Monaghan (May ‘03)
Ver. 4: Deck of Cards (June ‘03)
Ver. 5: The Beatles (July ‘03)
Ver. 6: New York (Aug. ‘03)
Ver. 7: Prospect Marching Knights (Sept. ‘03)
Ver. 8: We Got The Beet (Oct. ‘03)
Ver. 9: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Nov. ‘03)
Ver. 10: Eowyn (Dec. ‘03)
Ver. 11: The Peanuts Gang (Jan. ‘04)
Ver. 12: George Harrison (Feb. ‘04)
Ver. 13: Ewan McGregor (March ‘04)
Ver. 14: Queer Eye (April ‘04)
Ver. 15: Graham Colton Band (May ‘04)
Ver. 16: Brothers of Gondor (June ‘04)
Ver. 17: School of Rock (July ‘04)
Ver. 18: Badly Drawn Boy (Aug. ‘04)
Ver. 19: Led Zeppelin (Sept. ‘04)
Ver. 20: Samwise Gamgee (Oct. ‘04)
Ver. 21: The Doors (Nov. ‘04)
Ver. 22: Love Actually (Dec. ‘04)
Ver. 23: Hilary Duff (Jan. ‘05)
Ver. 24: Guardian of the White Tree (Feb/March ‘05)
Ver. 25: Kyle Riabko (April/May ‘05)
Ver. 26: Love Train (June/July ‘05)
Ver. 27: Hayden Christensen (Aug/Sept. ‘05)


My Claims:
~*Graham Colton + John Lennon: adopt_a_rocker
~*System of a Down: band_claims
~*Dave Grohl: claimavocalist
~*Custom: claimyourband
~*trumpet16 (Jim): claim_a_bj_user
~*John Lennon: claim_a_guitar
~*Dominic Monaghan: claim_a_hottie
~*Holly: claim_a_name
~*Christian from Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor): claim_a_soul
~*Mary Star of the Sea by Zwan + How To Start A Fire by Further Seems Forever: claim_an_album
~*Fast by Custom, Steal This Album by System of a Down, Graham Colton by Graham Colton: claim_cds
~*Tradition (Fiddler on the Roof) + Lida Rose (Music Man): claim_librettos
~*Dominic Monaghan's whole body: claim_my_body
~*Basil (The Great Mouse Detective) + Aladdin (Aladdin): disneyrawkz
~*I married Graham Colton...aren't YOU jealous?!
~*Dominic Monaghan: marry_me
~*System of a Down, John Lennon, Mike Skinner, Bittersweet Symphony, Fast, Graham Colton, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Piano + Rooney: musicalclaimage
~*Ego Brain by System of a Down, For No One by the Beatles + Lyric by Zwan: song_claimage
~*Ewan McGregor: soul_mates
~*Fiddler on the Roof: theatre_claims
~*Serj Tankian: vocalist_claims
~*Moulin Rouge: xmovieclaims
~*Morning Spank by Custom, PLUCK by System of a Down, A Blank Page Empire by Further Seems Forever: _claim_a_song_


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Memories:5 entries
Interests:36: aim, anti-bush, blurty, bob dylan, boston, chicago, clarinet, comments, franz ferdinand, greatestjournal, hayden christensen, hilary duff, interpol, jack black, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, led zeppelin, london, lord of the rings, marching band, moulin rouge, mr. ben zintak, new york, nick cave, orange county, oscar peterson, piano, prospect marching knights, san francisco, school of rock, tenor sax, the beatles, the doors, the hives, the sims, the two towers
Friends:48: amysquizzes, ash3s, audraisaudra, audras_icons, bad_kitten, bandgeeks, breathlessox, candyheart015, chaos_777, clarinet, coollikewhoa_, cool_as_shit, danisoccergirl9, dankish, diamonddogs, disneyrawkz, downer, doyourfeethurt, dreamer_x, ewanish, exoticjewel, gies_works, heyashleypark, ihatemyself303, jackassness, jazzfans, justkissme, kels885, make_n_take, murdahhh, ohlyricalone, oh_wow_its_amy, posedtodeath, sarstastic, sayinggoodbye, smart_n_cool, soimabanddork, starrienites, streydog, systemfreak1, trumpet16, unsocial, victimsofadown, werethecatsmeow, wiicked, xdarknessfadesx, xgravitygirlx, x_just_br3ath3
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