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Below is user information for I Hate Myself. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:swing_kid (523955)
Name:I Hate Myself
Location:Leeds, United Kingdom
Interests:136: after school knife fight, amanda woodward, american nightmare, anasarca, angel hair, antioch arrow, art, as the sun sets, black eyes, blue monday, book of dead names, born against, bright calm blue, bright eyes, burned out bright, calvary, cap'n jazz, carry on, chain of strength, champion, chino horde, circle takes the square, city of caterpilar, clikatat ikatowi, cobra kai, comeback kid, converge, count me out, current, cursive, depeche mode, die emperor! die!, drive like jehu, drug free, ed gein, embassy, embrace, emotive hardcore, envy, ethel meserve, evergreen, explosions in the sky, floorpunch, forstella ford, frail, from ashes rise, funeral diner, give up the ghost, godspeed you! black emperor, gorilla biscuits, guyver-1, hardcore, harriet the spy, heroin, honeywell, hoover, hot cross, i hate myself, i robot, iconoclast, in control, indian summer, interpol, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, joy division, jr ewing, julia, katatonia, lincoln, love like... electrocution, makara, maximillian colby, mental, merel, modern life is war, mohinder, moss icon, nation of ulysses, native nod, navio forge, neil perry, orchid, ordination of aaron, outbreak, paint it black, palatka, pg99, photography, policy of 3, portrait, portraits of past, real emo, red scare, reversal of man, right brigade, rites of spring, saetia, september, shikari, shotmaker, sigur rós, song of zarathustra, stand and fight, still life, striking distance, swing kids, sworn in, ten yard fight, terror, the anasazi, the assistant, the cure, the faint, the funeral, the khayembii communiqué, the kodan armada, the pine, the saddest landscape, the sleepytime trio, the spirit of versailles, the suicide file, the swarm, the vss, these arms are snakes, time flies, transistor transistor, twelve hour turn, unbroken, usurp synapse, wolves, xfilesx, yage, yaphet kotto, you and i, youth of today
Friends:3: emo_screamo, lonelystarfish, xh4v0kx
Friend of:2: lonelystarfish, svetlanapsycho
Member of:1: emo_screamo
Account type:Free User

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