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User:sweetlilbaybee (182251)
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Bio:***********My 4 1 1***********

My name is Samantha im 18 FINALLY
my bdaii is dec 18 * :)*im 5'3 i weight 120,
blonde/brown hair,blue/green eyes and im
from New Orleans... *5o4*


ColoR* Orange,Yellow,Piink,Blue
car* mustang (yellow or orange)
food* anything yummmie
sport* swimming,tennis
song* nickelback-how you remind me
animal* kitty
singer* nelly he's an awesome singer!
actor* chris tucker
actress* reese witherspoon

i have 2 brothers & 1 sister that passed away.
But im the youngest *haha*my brothers
25 and 29.Im getting my G.E.D one day lol
and going to college. ..i can't wait im so excited
b/c i have alot of skills and so many things
i want to do...

i mainly listen to hip-hop,i like all kinds
of music except the old stuff..haha! i
love techno it's one of my favorites! =)
Interests:101: 7th heaven, animals, aol, baby blue, bass, beauty, being depressed, being different, black, black clothes, black eyeliner, black lipstick, blades, blood, blue, blurty, boots, boys, broken glass, broken heart, candles, candy, cars, cds, cell phones, clothes, clubbin, colored hair, corsets, crying, cuddling, darkness, death metal, dreds, dresses, drinking, eccentric, evil, evilness, fire, fires, flames, friends, girls, glam, goth, gothic, gothic boys, gothic girls, guitar, hanging out, having fun, ice cream, icons, jeans, kitties, knifes, lighters, lip gloss, loud music, love, magazines, malls, money, movies, mtv, mustangs, night, open minded, orange, pain, parties, peircings, picutures, pink, playboy, playgirl, quotes, red, relationships, rings, shoes, shopping, skirts, skittles, spiked bracelets, spiked collars, spikes, straight, strange, strawberries, swimming, talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, tears, thongs, tissues, vampires, velvet, working-out
Friends:25: brokenxsuicide, dreamy_eyez, dream_icons, fukedupfeelings, icons_, icon_shop, id_fuckyou_list, im_da_doebird, ooosmilezooo, pettygirls, piinkteardropz, rowdi_cowgirl, self_harm_help, someadvice, stanggrl4eva, starlettebabiie, sweetlilbaybee, sweetx0kisses, tropicaltanx, unwrapyosmile, we_cry_to_much, xxzlaurynzxx, x_tease_x, yer_kiss_kills, _dreamz
Friend of:12: beautyinureyesx, dreamy_eyez, im_da_doebird, ooosmilezooo, starlettebabiie, sweetlilbaybee, tears0fananqel, tropicaltanx, xxditzy_prepxx, xxzlaurynzxx, x_tease_x, _dreamz
Member of:16: a_make0verr, banqin_lay0utz, blurtymakeovers, boys_suck, dream_icons, fuckyou, fukedupfeelings, icons_, icon_shop, id_fuckyou_list, lovehurts, pettygirls, self_harm_help, someadvice, stopthepain, we_cry_to_much
Account type:Early Adopter

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