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Below is user information for Lindsay. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sweethrt (310868)
AOL IM:angell3364 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey whats up ya'll its lindsay hope u guys actually read my journal and are likin it! leave me lotsa comments and let me know i love comments! =)
Interests:80: aim, all american rejects, angels, beach, bikinis, blue eyes, bowling for soup, boyz, breezes, bubble baths, candles, candy, cds, chillin, chocolate, christmas, coffee cake, cold weather, collin farrel, cuddling, cuties, dancing, daydreaming, driving, earrings, express, fast n the furious, flip flops, flirting, friends, fuzzy sweatshirts, gettin tan, green eyes, hair straighteners, hangin with friends, honey bunches of oats, hot tubs, hugs, i luv u's, ice cream, inside jokes, kevs eyes, kisses, laughing, life, lip gloss, love, mac and cheese, mah boys, massages, mike, mulah, music, my bed, pancakes, partyin, paul walker, pedicures, pink lemonade, pool, rain, roses, shopping, singing, slippers, smiles, snow, strawberries, sunsets, surfers, sweets guys, sweets in general, swimming, swinging, talkin on the phone, the park, watermelon, weekends, whipped cream, winter
Friends:9: ashole, collin, ilovefrenchboys, insanesylum, lotsoflaughs, spyder67, strathy, _eye_candii, _eye_candii_
Friend of:5: ilovefrenchboys, insanesylum, lotsoflaughs, spyder67, strathy
Account type:Free User

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