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User:sweetheartxx (152979)  
Location:United States

_____all me.,*
heyy !! my name is heather a.k.a. heatha ; heath; or babe. .. umm .. im 14 years old, my birthday is august 21 so remember it lmao hee hee .. im a freshman @ wwhs. i live in rhode island ;D ! im single & pimpin it`!* lol , umm. ... lets see what else .. my friends are the most important people to me.. but im having trouble with who i can trust at the moment .. =\ .. on to my appearence .. i have light brown hair with blonde highlights .. my hair is about up the my shoulders a tiny bit longer but not much at all .. its layer*d & angled .. i have hazel green eyes.. & i stand @ 5`1 or 5`2 lolz ;D yea, ima shorty i know*! lol .. my style is basically fashionable.. i do tend to follow the trend whatevers cute i buy lolz .. thats about it.. wanna know more.. just ask <3333

him* ; kisses; kissing ; hugs ; holding hands ; the color pink!! ; shopping ; guys ; flirting ;money ; make-up ; m.a.c ; lipgloss ; purses ; the beach ; sun; tanning ; the summer ; hoodies ; ecko red ; guess ; xoxo ; roccawear ; wet seal ; weathervane ; cami*z ; earrings ; rings ; necklaces ; love ; my friends ; family ; pictures ; taking pictures ; blurty ; web design ; making layouts ; psp8 ; gymnsatics ; dances ; dancing ; aim ; talking ; laughing ; smiles ; smiling ; puppies ; movies ; mall ; junk food & tons more

perverts; veggies ; hoes ; people who think they*re better than you ; ghetto wanna-bes ; playa*z ; school ; fights ; rumors ; homework ; loss in trust ; jelousy ; abnoxious-ness ; annoying people ; being rude ; being full of yourself ; bugs ; gory movies ; bugs

Friends:45: babynat03, banginxshawtix, beautyxlici0uz, cancunbabiy, cherryxsweet, cramped, crazieeqerli, dancerr_designs, deprive, ditzybabii16, electric, fuzzy, gies_works, gl0ssy_lips, glitter_bubbles, gxrgeous, ladiishortii, liddleladii69, lushuzz, miss_shorty, nummieful, obsessi0nz, ohsoloveable, pertyladi, playing, rmi, samm, sexxie_girl08, simple_qlam0ur, simpliidazzlinq, simplistic, skate99chick, sweetbaybee, sweetxkiszez, sweet_kisses89, truly, wishful_heart, xidolchik4ex, xjustme, xnawti, xtrancegoddessx, xun4gettablex, x_qirlfriend, _juiicy, __adviice
Friend of:34: babynat03, banginxshawtix, beautyxlici0uz, cherryxbaby, deprive, de_ception, ditzybabii16, fantasiiez, imperfection16, justagirlxo, liddleladii69, linzeylou4yoo, lushuzz, lynnsway, miss_shorty, obsessi0nz, ohsoloveable, samm, simple_qlam0ur, simpliidazzlinq, skate99chick, smoochinq, sweetbaybee, sweetxkiszez, sweet_kisses89, too_adorable_x, wishful_heart, xidolchik4ex, xnawti, xruin_mex, xsimplyad0rable, xun4gettablex, xx_p0ptarts, x_fiend__
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