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User:sweet_charade (326313)  
Location:Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:Auroras Rise (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Rants, Raves, but mostly Ponderings
Interests:147: 1984, 30 seconds to mars, 311, a perfect circle, african religions, agnosticism, alanis morissette, alice in chains, anatomy, antibiotics, aphasia, atheism, atlas shrugged, atrophy, bacardi, balance, bartending, ben folds five, best buy, biology, birth, blue hair, blue man group, board games, bob dylan, bread, brian greene, buddhism, calvin and hobbes, cancer, cannabis, cell signaling, cheese, chicago, cliches, coming to america, common sense, david gilmour, david lee roth, days of the new, deadsy, death, deism, driving, emily dickinson, enablers, equilibrium, existence, existentialism, eyeliner, fiona apple, floydian slip, forest gump, fruit smoothies, gary snyder, gene mapping, get fuzzy, goo goo dolls, gotan project, gymnastics, hemp, herbal refreshments, hierarchies, human brain, incubus, indigenous religions, industrial music, irises, jack daniels, jack kerouac, jay gordon, jean paul sartre, john grisham, kay redfield jamison, lacrosse, led zeppelin, light shows, lilo and stitch, lyrical dance, midnight toking, mindless self indulgence, misanthropes, mocha drinks, money, mythology, neuroscience, new york city, nip/tuck, nirvana, orgy, pablo neruda, panama, pantheism, patheon, people, peter gabriel, phish, physiology, piano, pink floyd, poetry, polar bears, polar coordiantes, politics, proliferation, prozac nation, recluses, relationships, relativity, religion, roger waters, rum, rushmore, sand, simon and garfunkle, sleep, smirnoff ice, social contract theory, society, space, stereotypes, string theory, swimming, sylvia plath, tequilla, the clash, the doors, the elegant universe, the graduate, the modern lovers, the runaway jury, the talking heads, the wall, things fall apart, tigers, time, tom petty, tori amos, turtles, u2, universe, university of virginia, urban dictionary, van halen, vodka, welding, writing
Friends:1: duh37
Friend of:1: ive_defected
Account type:Free User

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