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User:surfchild (443542)  
Bio:I am a small beach town girl that lives on the OuterBanks. I've lived here my whole life. My house is on the ocean next to a private beach were the surf is usually fantastic with a locals crowd only. My town is a true beach town but has only 500 people live here year round. I got to a public school that is 45 minutes away and is so over crowded that we have 16 trailors to hold the students, and all most alll closets and teacher lounges are turned into class rooms. I love surfing, hanging at the beach, chilling with friends, and longboarding.
Memories:6 entries
Interests:69: animals, atv, austrialia, baja, beach, boys, camping, cassiopia, cheese, coloring, computers, crayons, dancing, dogs, drawing, driving, duck, eating, flying, four-wheeling, fruit, gravity boarding, hiking, ice, ice-cream, jack-russels, kayaking, late night drives, late night walks, lifegaurding, love, making music, making videos, mhs, montana, mountains, mudding, music, my boyfriend, nols, ocean, ocean rescue, outer banks, outer-space, painting, peaches, pictures, pink floyd, queens of the stoneage, red hot chilli peppers, relationships, sailing, skating, skimming, snowboading, soccer, star gazing, stars, sun, surfing, swimming, taking pictures, talking, the oc, traveling, tropical weather, vacation, waterfalls, working
Friends:1: roxywahine608
Account type:Free User

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