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Below is user information for glasgow hipster. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:suprjunkymonkey (508684)
Name:glasgow hipster
Website:live journal
Location:Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:tallinnjmlr (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:do you know what a hipster in glasgow talks about?
-Belle & Sebastian-
Interests:150: 20's, 80's, a clockwork orange, academics, adrien brody, afi, amelie, angelina jolie, animatrix, anime, animerica, anti-war, aquabats, artists, asians, audrey tautou, beethoven, being john malkovich, belle and sebastian, bisexuality, bjork, black and white photography, black rebel motorcycle club, blonde redhead, book stores, bright eyes, celestine prophecy, chobits, computer graphics, converse, cursive, deathcab for cutie, denali, design, digital photography, donnie darko, dressy bessy, elliott smith, enon, estonia, fashion, fight club, finch, flcl, folk music, fruits, fugazi, garment district, gia, glasses, grandaddy, harry potter, high strung, hot hot heat, ifc, imarobot, incubus, indie, interpol, japan, laptop, lesbians, linux, lord of the rings, lost in translation, love hina, manga, marmalade boy, matmos, mindless self indulgence, misfits, mittens, modest mouse, mozart, my morning jacket, my neighbor totoro, newtype, niea_7, nightmare before christmas, ninja scroll, nirvana, noir, one line drawing, outsmarting simon, papas fritas, paradise kiss, pastels, piano, pink floyd, poetry, portishead, promise ring, pulp fiction, q and not u, radiohead, ragtime, raveonettes, reading, red jacket, revolutionary girl utena, rilo kiley, rocky votolato, rolling stones, salvador dali, saves the day, scarlett johansson, scarves, school, sex pistols, sexuality, skeleton key, sonic youth, sorry about dresden, spirited away, stars, stellarstarr*, swell, synth, tallinn, tea, tegan & sara, thayer street, the rapture, the anniversary, the apples in stereo, the beatles, the belles, the black eyes, the hives, the ladybug transistor, the police, the postal service, the shins, the strokes, the thrills, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, they might be giants, thursday, tokyo, vintage, vintage clothes, vinyl, visual basic, vue, wigs, winona ryder, writing, yann tiersen, yoshitoshi
Friends:10: anitapitabread, hughgrection, king_of_boylove, makar, pinkfloyd2034, routine_riot, semantics, spongebobzangel, writemeasonnet, xvashx
Friend of:11: anitapitabread, geniusboy, makar, missedthephone, orli_lover, pinkfloyd2034, routine_riot, semantics, spongebobzangel, writemeasonnet, xvashx
Member of:4: indiefilms, indiemixtapes, pagan_poetry, yazawa
Account type:Free User

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