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Below is user information for Soma. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:supremedork (25830)
Website:dorky stuff
Location:California, United States
AOL IM:prettiestidiot x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Indie Boys are nurotic.
Makes my eyes bleed.
Tight black pants exotic.
Some loving is what i need.

Oral Sex Donations Accepted
Memories:7 entries
Interests:81: 764-hero, adam green, adam in tight jeans, albert hammond jr., almost famous, ben kweller, brad pitt, brendan benson, bright eyes, conan o'brien, conor oberst, david bowie, death cab for cutie, drawing, fabrizio moretti, fight club, foo fighters, ghost world, gilda radner, guy ritchie, happy days, har mar superstar, harry potter, high fidelity, hot hot heat, howlin' pelle almqvist, indie movies, jack black, jake gyllenhaal, jamie oliver, jason lee, jason schwartzman, jim morrison, jimmy fallon, john cusack, johnny depp, jon stewart, julian casablancas, matt romano, max weinberg, mo rocca, nick valensi, nikolai fraiture, nirvana, patrick fugit, phantom planet, photography, rooney, ryan gentles, saturday night live, scott baio, shaggy haired indie boys, sifl & olly, sleep, sleeping, stars, subhumans, sublime, tenacious d, the beatles, the daily show, the doors, the exploited, the hives, the moldy peaches, the mooney suzuki, the new pornographers, the realistics, the simpsons, the sounds, the stooges, the strokes, the thrills, the velvet teen, the white stripes, tyler durden, wayne's world, weezer, will ferrell, wiz kid, yeah yeah yeahs
Friends:52: antisupaherotre, autopsy, boy_touching, brokenlife, cantyousee, catatonicsextoy, clairence, conan, conanobrien, deadinmyowneyes, dreanimate, fightclub, forks, garage_rock, geekgirls, hard_to_explain, hello_its_anne, hothotheat, idiotsguide, izzy, i_will_stay, jimmyfallonfans, jimmyfallonx, kweller_fans, lafacciadicara, le_static__, le_tigre, mm_montz, movie_dorks, murdahhh, mystery_girl, nigelina, oh_darling, oh_wow_its_amy, phantomplanet, pinkpencil, posa, prettypinkpixie, radical_thought, rckrkc, rhps, robertcarmine, supremedork, talentedbreezes, thestrokes, unlit, wallflower_, xkidviciousv, xxgeeklovexx, _dreamawayamy, _lapdance_, _scissor
Friend of:27: antisupaherotre, autopsy, brokenlife, cantyousee, catatonicsextoy, clairence, deadinmyowneyes, dreanimate, hard_to_explain, hello_its_anne, izzy, i_will_stay, murdahhh, nigelina, oh_darling, oh_wow_its_amy, pinkpencil, posa, prettypinkpixie, rckrkc, supremedork, talentedbreezes, unlit, wallflower_, xkidviciousv, _dreamawayamy, _lapdance_
Member of:19: boy_touching, conan, conanobrien, fightclub, forks, garage_rock, geekgirls, hothotheat, idiotsguide, jimmyfallonfans, jimmyfallonx, kweller_fans, le_tigre, movie_dorks, phantomplanet, radical_thought, rhps, robertcarmine, thestrokes
Account type:Early Adopter

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