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Below is user information for Kristyn. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sunkissed0736 (477304)
[x] Name...Kristyn
[x] Nicknames...Special K, Krystie, Krispy, Kricket, Kris, Subject 13, more...
[x] D.O.B....11-13
[x] Righty Lefty?...righty
[x] Zodic Sign...scorpio
[x] Hair brown
[x] Hair Lenght...long
[x] Eye
[x] Current Mood...bored
[x] Current Time...3:33

>> Favorites
[x] Food...ICE CREAM
[x] Drink...Dr Pepper/Strawberry Daquaris/Starbucks
[x] Resturant...OLIVE GARDEN
[x] Band...uhh
[x] Music Genre...dunno
[x] Book...right now, Tuesdays with Morrie
[x] T.V Show...friends
[x] Color...PINK
[x] Sign of Effection...kisses
[x] Clothes...what clothes? ;)
[x] Place...your bedroom ;)
[x] Movie...hmm, moulin rouge/legally blonde/ever after/princess bride
[x] Quote..."Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching."
[x] Animal...kitty

>> Love
[x] Dating?...single again, but i'm not looking really, since i already know the guy i wanna marry
[x] Crush?...i guess, but i think its more meaningful than a crush
[x] Boyfriend Girlfriend?...not anymore
[x] Striaght Gay Bi?....straight
[x] PDA or No?...depends on the guy and the moment and the place
[x] Looks or Personality?...both pls
[x] Ur Type . ( i.e Hair color eyes height yaddah yaddah )...hmm tall pls, but i dunno

>> Have You Ever?
[x] Had Sex...nope
[x] Huged Random people...probably
[x] Made a
[x] Kissed someone you didnt
[x] Danced Naked?...maybe
[x] Pissed Somewhere beside the bathroom?...yes
[x] Got In A Fist
[x] Regreted Something?...who hasn't?

>> Five Things that Your wearing right now?
[x] T shirt
[x] panties
[x] nailpolish
[x] contacts
[x] anklet
>> Five Things You See/Hear
[x] TV
[x] computer
[x] tissue box
[x] coffee
[x] Sno-Caps
>> Five Main Goals In Life
[x] be happy
[x] marry aj
[x] become an actress
[x] maybe become a teacher
[x] be loved
>> Five huge dislikes
[x] annoying people that dont know they're annoying
[x] ppl who think they own other ppl...
[x] people that go out of their way to make life seem horrible
[x] ppl who think they are better than other ppl
[x] people that don't wear deoderant
>> Five Best Friends
[x] Adry
[x] Nickle
[x] AJ
[x] Jenn(a)
[x] G raz Liz and Jackie ( i had to make sure all of the usual six were on there lol)
>> Friends: Whos doing what?
[x] Been Stabed?...ahh
[x] Stabed someone...ahh
[x] funniest?...meredith
[x] sweetiest...rachna
[x] trendiest...hmm kinzay?
[x] hottest...YOU
[x] smartest...jamie
[x] most considerate...jenn(a)
[x] druggie?...*sigh*
[x] soon to be famous...hmm
[x] most likely to suceed...hmm
>> If You Could
[x] move somewhere...Chicago
[x] fall in love with...AJ
[x] meet someone...i dunno
[x] get something...AJ
>> Stuck on an island
[x] 4 friends
[x] AJ so me and him could populate the island
[x] Nickle for fun-ness
[x] "The Usual Six" to make the island more beautiful (yes i know, thats more than four friends but i really don't care)
[x] another one of my guy friends so he can impregnate the other girls.
[x] 3 food items
[x] Chex Mix/Gardettos
[x] hmm pasta!
[x] 2 extra items
[x] a plane so AJ could fly us off the island
[x] gas for the plane
[x] 1 outfit
[x] my pink sundress!
>> Aim WHORE!
[x] over used word?... *hehe*
[x] who do you talk to the most?...AJ/matt/adrY (but not lately since her AIM isn't working)
[x] person on aim the most...matt
[x] dumbest computer
>>Five things that don't impress you...
[x] ppl that use really big words to make other ppl feel stupid
[x] rich ppl that horde all their money
[x] ppl that make up internet slang and then make fun of other ppl for not knowing what it means
[x] conceited ppl
[x] guys that do dangerous stuff to impress girls
>>Five things you cant live without...
[x] love
[x] AJ
[x] my friends
[x] my family
[x] water

>>Five things you'll do when you complete this...
[x] probably find another one to fill out
[x] email it to ppl
[x] get some food
[x] pee
[x] talk to ppl

>>Five things you feel right now...
[x] the hardness of my wooden chair
[x] loneliness cuz aj lives in chicago
[x] boredness
[x] i dont feel the chair anymore cuz my butt fell asleep
[x] tiredness

Interests:4: acting, aj, dancing, you
Friends:4: blurtyfriends, lay_me_out, random_songs, soda_licious
Friend of:1: soda_licious
Member of:3: blurtyfriends, lay_me_out, random_songs
Account type:Free User

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