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Below is user information for calm under the waves. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sullengirl (2909)
Name:calm under the waves
Location:Massachusetts, United States
Bio:I'm a little mess that someone forgot to clean up...
Interests:63: angelina jolie is sex, artificial happiness, babies and surprises, bad 80's movies, being showered with attention, chunky jewelry, cold winter nights, colin farrell, conversationalists, corona, cuddling, cute panties, dancing 'til dawn, dancing in my undies, do-me boots, ed norton, eyes that melt me, falling hopelessly in like, feathery kisses, feisty kitties, fiona apple, fishnets, flip flops, freckles, frida, fruit flavored water, full moons, girls in low-rise jeans, hand holding, jawlines, john cusack, late night infomercials, long curly hair, long massages, lower tummies, lust, messy bedhead, my george foreman grill, my girlfriend, nibbling, old school madonna, pink nail polish, plaid skirts, pouty lips, pretty boys, running in the rain, singing much too loud, sleeping in, snow flurries, snowboarding, soap opera boys, soft hands, spontaneous kisses, spottie ottie dopalicious redhead, stalking rose mcgowan, stolen boxers, tainted love, toe socks, touchable skin, unavailable boys, uncontrollable crushes, walmarting, warm rain
Friends:3: heyjupiter, sullengirl, voicewithin
Friend of:3: heyjupiter, sullengirl, voicewithin
Account type:Early Adopter

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