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User:suitablysnapish (164848)  
Name:Professor Severus A. Snape
Location:Shropshire, United Kingdom
AOL IM:suitablysnapish (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[Admin for morsmordreo]

None of your bloody business! If I wanted you poking into my personal life, I'd leave my journal open for just anyone to read. ...Wait...

Get your nose back where it belongs, or take ten points from your House!

(( Hey there! In regard to Snape...

  • don't own him
  • am not him
  • don't make money from him
  • do have a lot in common, though.

  • won't sue me
  • won't ask stupid questions (like "why do you hate Harry?")
  • can ask about potions if you like
  • can take ten points from your House. (I told you not to nose about!)


      General Data:   *-Note: { }=MWPP info
    • Name: Severus A. Snape
    • Nicknames: Sev, Sevvie (mum only), {Snapey-poo (taunting), Greasy, Oilhead, Hey You, Slythery, and other such endearments (mostly given by J. Potter & S. Black)}.
    • Gender: Male
    • Orientation: Gay {with occasional, curious excursions into bi}
    • Age:33 {15}
    • Birthday: Sept. 18, 1962.
    • Wand: Dragon heartstring, Cedar, 13 inches
    • Occupation: Professor, Double-Spy {Student}
    • Affiliation: Unclear. {Whatever Lucius is.}
    • Blood: Pure.
    • Education: Fully Trained Wizard, combat hardened. {5th year student at Hogwarts, Slytherin House}

      Physical Data:
    • Height: 6'0 {5'4"}
    • Weight: 155lbs. {112 lbs. (>100lbs. in summer - he doesn't eat)}
    • Eyes / Vision / Glasses : Black and piercing, 20/30, none
    • Hair: Black and oily, often untidy, length: an inch below the collar
    • Complexion: Oily and pasty
    • Build: Skinny {+small for his age}
    • Defining Marks: DarkMark on left forearm underside, numerous faint but long straight scars on back, small burn scar somewhere else (wouldn't you like to know?) {None (yet)}
    • Hearing: Average
    • Left/Right/Ambi: Ambi, right preferred
    • Disabilities/Handicaps: None
    • Health: Low Average
    • IQ: Extremely Intelligent (around 170)

    • Dress Style: Primarily old-fashioned, conservative. In sharp contrast to his often-sloppy hygiene, he keeps his robes neatly pressed most of the time. (Hygiene is one thing; decorum is another.)
    • Manner of Speech: Formal, British, sometimes old-fashioned (uses words like "garderobe" and "whence")
    • Extrovert/Introvert: Intro-intro-introvert
    • Phobias/Fears: Slight phobia of water, owing to a (repressed) attempt on the part of his mother to drown him as a small child
    • Mental Health: Somewhat unstable - goes off on occasional fits and emotional downswings. Shows classic signs of PTSD (nightmares, mild flashbacks) from war. Chronic mild depression (dysthemia) exacerbated by seasonal affective disorder; very low self-opinion bordering on self-hatred; {very low self-esteem; depends heavily on what others think (particularly those he looks up to, such as Lucius and a few professors - paradox, since he keeps himself untidy due to self-hatred, therefore he tries to express his worth through intelligence and behavior)}.
    • Goals/Dreams: to get through each galling semester with a minimum of annoyance, to persecute H. Potter for the mere sake of sticktoitiveness. {To become a powerful wizard, and have people fear him (instead of mock him).}
    • Quirks/Habits: Occasionally forgets to eat; has nightmares so doesn't sleep well (and looks even more haggard than usual the next day); sneers; smirks; raises eyebrow mockingly.
    • Hobbies/Interests: Potions (particularly forbidden or restricted ones), Dark Arts, unusual herbal poisons and mind-altering brews, medieval methods of torture and interrogation, scribbling dark lyrics about pain and persecution, causing pain and persecution (particularly to Gryffindors), {+following Black, Lupin, and Potter around for the sheer annoyance factor (and because Lucius told him to).}
    • Likes: Potions, Dark Arts, making others feel small (except for Slytherins, most of whom he barely tolerates as not-quite-equal peers). {Older men, Lucius Malfoy (idol), Remus Lupin (serious heartache), Sirius Black (crush). Making potions, impressing others with his knowledge, writing/reading dark poetry, drawing (mostly wolves, some dragons).}
    • Dislikes: Gryffindors, loud children (esp. ones having obvious fun), being mocked/teased, H. Potter, {J. Potter, Sirius Black}.
    • First Impression: oh shit - hide, he's looking this way! {Who the hell is that greasy git?}
    • Often: Scowls, smirks, sneers, raises eyebrow sardonically
    • Creativity: Medium-High (not much outlet in his current job). {High, although often hidden for fear of rejection. Always producing new ideas and new approaches to old ones, always coming up with new potions and improvements, constantly scribbling in the back of his notebooks (mostly dark poetry or drawings).}
    • Academic Strengths: Potions, Herbalism (theory), DADA (and unsanctioned Dark Arts), History of Magic... mostly the fact-based and ritual-based stuff.
    • Academic Weaknesses: Muggle studies (couldn't give a damn), Herbalism (practical application - his plants always seem to wither), Charms (he thinks they're silly, since they don't involve spell components or intricate procedures like real magick does).

      Background Data:
    • Family:

      • Father - Sterne Keanen Snape (Full English, Pureblood. English: "austere + sharp + Snape")
      • Mother - Amamelina Doloria Brennan Caldus Snape (3/4 English, 1/4 Italian, Pureblood. Italian: "witch + pain" + English: "raven-haired cold" [maiden name] + "Snape")
      • Younger Brother: Hayden Snape (never speaks of him!)
      • Paternal Uncle (father's brother): "Tucker" Snape (Full English, Pureblood. A drunk and a closet bisexual)
      • Paternal Grandfather (father's father): Elias Adolphus Snape (Full English, Pureblood. English: "El is my deity" + "red wolf" + Snape. Did 11 years for 8 counts of "objectional acts with a minor.")
      • Paternal Grandmother (father's mother): Mavis Snape (Full English, Pureblood. English: "song-thrush")
      • Maternal Grandfather (mother's father): Paine Caldus (English father, Italian mum, Pureblood. English: "Pagan + Cold")
      • Maternal Grandmother (mother's mother): Principia Severitas Caldus (Full Italian, Pureblood. Italian: "first" + Latin: "little severity" [maiden name] + English: "cold". Eloped to England with Paine Caldus when she was 14 [he was 19] and subsequently disowned from the Severitas clan [Severus was the first descendent allowed to visit, only because he was male and a promising wizard].)

    • Family History:

      • The Snape Clan (Severus' father): The Snapes are a well-known Pureblood family of England, with ties to Scotland and Wales. In the 1700s they controlled much of the wizarding political world with their wealth and influence, much as the Malfoys do today. During the mid-1800s, a series of tragies (caused, some say, by a Malfoy ancestor who was spurned by their eldest son) resulted in great financial losses to the Snape family. As a whole the clan never recovered from these losses, and is known today primarily for its paucity of wealth and debt to other Pureblood families.
      • The Caldus Family (Severus' Mother's Father): The Caldus family is a lesser-known clan of Purebloods married out, in several cases, to Mixed-bloods of various purity. Based primarily in England, one branch spread into Italy during World War One (only to return a few years later in the form of Paine Caldus eloping with his child-bride Principia).
      • The Severitas Clan (Severus' Mother's Mother): The Severitas Clan is one of the largest and most greatly-feared of all Pureblood families throughout Italy and the Mediterranean. They can trace their bloodlines back to Roman times, and still use their influence today to effect their various dire desires. Most recently, a scandal was uncovered wherein the Severitas clan had made a deal with the Vatican City for destruction of nearly 2,000 years' worth of documents describing the misdeeds of their ancestors, in exchange for their assistance in covering up troubling rumours of child abuse in the priesthood. Principia Severitas, the youngest daughter of the Severitas Patriarch three generations back, was formally disowned by the family in 1924 when she eloped with a half-English, half-Italian wizard named Paine Caldus. Their grandson, Severus Snape, was the first of that line allowed to visit the Severitas holdings, owing only to the fact that he was male and a promising wizard.

    • Childhood Home: Unhappy, and unwealthy. A small, yellow-painted Cape Cod house in a Muggle neighborhood (gasp!), on a narrow street in Shropshire, England. He attended a year or two of primary school with Muggle children until he started bringing home ideas like "telly-vision" and "ray-deo." After trying to beat the ideas out of him, Sev's father gave up and enrolled him in a private grade-school for wizard children. From then on, they made it their grim task to isolate him from anything Muggle (read: dirty). His father's favorite phrase was: "We may live among them, but we don't have to be one!" Severus was given few extravangances, but despite the tight finances no money was withheld from his education. He was always given the best they could afford--and sometimes better, with the help of a Severitas cousin or two.
    • Personal History: Painful childhood which has stained his outlook on life. Emotionally abused by mother, who was constantly brewing up mixtures to drug herself semi-conscious in between beatings from her violent, drunk husband. (She also attempted to drown him as a very small child.) Physically abused by father (with belt and hands) until age 7, at which point sexual abuse was thrown into the mix. Mother denied it until the day Sev's father died--due to an admittedly-suspicious batch of firewhiskey Snape brought him at age 17. Sev spent the summers away as much as he could, sometimes with his Severitas cousins in Tuscany.
    • Extended History: Snape took very high marks and graduated at the top 5% of his class, and first among Slytherins. Being a year behind Lucius, he had spent most of his time at Hogwart's following the older boy around becoming first his flunky, then his sexual toy. (Lucius first began to "experiment" with him in Snape's second year.) At the tender age of 18, on June 21 (2 weeks after graduation), Snape became a Death Eater and was branded with the Dark Mark. The war that followed was both brutal and at times inhuman. Snape counteracted any human sympathy by building up an intense wall between himself and his emotions, however, the killing finally bothered him to the point that he stopped sleeping and eating for days on end. Lucius, seeing Snape's flagging strength, named him Head Interrogator, where he was able to apply his knowledge of potions, torture, and mild-altering brews to extract information from captives. He held this position for nearly three years, when a personal squabble between Lucius and himself caused Lucius to request Snape's "transfer" from Voldemort--preferably to a remote outpost. Voldemort, however, sensing an opportunity, assigned Snape to spy for him against Dumbledore (ostensibly as an "Assistant Professor"). Snape, however, was not well-trained in intelligence, and was identified after only 5 months as a spy. The Ministry of Magic, acting on a tip from Dumbledore, gave Snape an ultimatum: turn on Voldemort, or be given the Dementor's Kiss. Snape, who was already furious at being sent away, and whose strength was flagging again under the stress of the position, agreed almost immediately. They arranged for him to stay on as a Professor, meanwhile carrying false secrets to Voldemort and bringing back real ones. His true loyalties remain obscure to this day.

    • Conclusion: Snape hates himself, and takes it out on almost everyone. He hides nearly everything from those around him, projecting only a bitter, cold, often-angry facade. He reveals himself to very few, and reveals his past to even fewer. He is aggressive, hard-hearted, and sometimes sadistic, yet buried deep within there is a strong protective streak (particularly for Slytherins who remind him of himself). It is rumoured that Snape is somewhat of a pedophile, in that he is sexually attracted to boys. In truth, he is a closet homosexual who is still in love with Lucius, but cannot have him, so expresses his passion on those nearest him--who happen to be mostly Slytherin boys. He secretly yearns to find a life-mate (preferably his own age) to whom he can reveal all, without anger or condemnation. He holds little hope of ever realizing this dream.

      {MWPP Conclusion: Snape hates himself. He hides nearly everything from those around him, projecting only a bitter, sometimes frightened, sometimes angry shell. Those who spend any time around him, however, soon learn to see the hurting young man underneath. He spends great effort in his studies, enjoying the prestige that high marks brings him, as well as the opportunity to impress others with his knowledge (and the success in foiling his mother's dire prediction: "you're as dumb as your drunk father, and you'll never make anything of yourself"). At 15, he is firmly lodged in the closet, and just beginning to feeling his first sexual stirrings (directed primarily at Lucius, who may have been "playing" with him for some time now). His body, voice, and (most importantly) attitude are beginning to change radically. And he is hopelessly in love with Remus Lupin. He spends his days trailing after Lupin's clique--ostensibly to annoy them, but mostly just to please Lucius (who asked him to watch them) and to stare lornfully at Remus. He is ashamed of the attraction, but can't seem to make himself stop.}
  • Interests:37: adult fiction, bloodsport, butt sex, death eaters, dom, draco, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, harry potter, homosexuality, lucius, malfoy, malfoy slash, nc-17, ooc, poetry, potter, potter slash, remus lupin, s&m, sadomasochism, severus, severus snape, sex, sexy, sexy snape, sirius black, slash, slashfic, snape, snape slash, snapey-poo, sub, torture, writing, yaoi
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