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Below is user information for My ShAtTeReD pIeCeS. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:suicidal_cry (837976)
Name:My ShAtTeReD pIeCeS
Location:California, United States
Interests:150: a perfect circle, abuse, adolf hitler, anarchism, anarchy, angel of death, anime, as i lay dying, astrology, astronomy, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, badgers, baphomet, black and white photography, black metal, black roses, blades, blood, blood pigs, bloodlust, books, bookstores, brandon saller, breaking benjamin, cannibalism, cemetaries, chaos, charles manson, cheese, cherry coke, chevelle, corsets, cradle of filth, daggers, daria, dean koontz, death, death metal, deftones, demons, dickies, digital cameras, digital photography, dimmu borgir, documentaries, dragons, drowning pool, dying fetus, edgar allen poe, elizabeth bathory, emotional abuse, emtee, eve, evil j, family guy, fillthee, fire, from autumn to ashes, goatwhore, god forbid, goddesses, hatebreed, hats, heavy metal, horror, house of secrets, in flames, incubus, insanity, ishtar, isis, jack off jill, jack the ripper, jello, jihad, kali, knives, lamb of god, leviathan, lilth, little mermaid, lucifer, mass murderers, menocide, mental abuse, mermaids, metal, metallica, music, my confession, my ruin, mythology, otep, otep shamaya, pain, paradise lost, paranoia, photography, physical abuse, piercings, poetry, poison the well, rain, rammstein, rasputina, rave, razors, rituals, roses, sadomasochism, satan, satanic bible, satanism, scars, self mutilation, serial killers, sevas tra, skateboarding, skaters, smile empty soul, south park, squirrels, stars, succubus, summonings, switchblade symphony, swords, sylvia plath, system of a down, taproot, tattoos, tears, ted bundy, teddy scares, the black dahlia murder, the insane kiwi, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, three days grace, tool, trapt, vampires, vampirism, verbal abuse, voodoo & serano, warhead, witchcraft, world domination, writing.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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