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User:sugatits05 (549285)
Website:MY SiTe
Luvin BeThy B0o

Hey welcome to my blurty it's friends only..comment to be added and im 100 percent sure ill add you back. My name is -Beth- im 17 going on 18 on September 26..Anyways thats it for now I like to comment when i get the chance but sometimes i forget to because im out doing other stuff like going out with my friends and stuff. But add me and we'll see what happens…

~*Kiss Me*~

..-:*: ßeth¥ ßåߥ:*:-..

LaSt UpDaTed 6/o5/o4

An Poem I Wrote 4 Someone I Love

True Love Doesn't Fade
I cant hide the feeling of loving you
your like the only person i show it too
i try my best to make things work out for us
but there's nothing thats going to help us

i wish you just knew what you meant to me
your not just another boy
your something very special to me

your not just another boy in the crowd
i could pick you out of an crowd and say
i could love this boy forever starting this very day
i could show him all the love i feel towards him
and i could show him how i feel just in a few days

i wish you just knew what you meant to me
your not just another boy
your something very special to me

i'll live each and every day here alone
until one day hopefully u'd be here with me
spend the nights together and love each other forever

i wish you just knew what you meant to me
your not just another boy
your something very special to me
~written by Beth~

All Bout Me

Hey my name is -=|*Beth *|=- im 17 my birthday is sept 26, Some people call me Bethy, Lizzy, BabyGrl, Hunny, Hun, Sweetie, Cutie,Midget and so forth and so on. I live in a small town called Plainville its very boring here so me and my friends like to go to Franklin or North Attleboro to do something. I am now a Junior in Franklin Ma, Soon to be a Senior.


people who comment,staying out later, making out with guys, *My *AngelI love you so much,french kissing, Simple Plan, Hoobastank, making love, clothes, makeup, thongs, and the list goes on..


arguing, bitches, whores, sluts, ppl who steal, secrets, breaking promises,
liars,cheaters, stubborn ppl, arrogant, 2 faced ppl etc.. you get the pic

Shout Outz

Orin Hun yOu've been here fOr me sOo much lately I dOn’t knOw hOw tOo really thank yOu... I'm glad I have sOmeOne that understands hOw I aim kinda even if yOu dOn't like it u try tOo understand.... So many things have been gOing On and yeah know I’m trying tOo be gOod and happy but yah know things cOme tOgether tOo make One anOther better then the Other.... I don’t knOw if u get wut I’m saying... But Thanks For Always Being Here For Me... Thx! Baby Thanks fOr always being here when sOme things wrOng, helping me Out when I specially need a helping hand.. Thanks A Ton means a lOt tO me it really dOes. You give me sO many reasOns tO smile and sO many reasOns nOt tO cry...yah knOw i'd try tO beat yOu up but that’s nOt hOw tO shOw u care fOr sOme One... yOu've always giving me sOme thing tOo look foward toO eAch and eVery day... We have had Our up’s and Our downs Lately and well we’ll get ThOugh this all… things will get sOoOo much better and We’ll make It Angel</b>... I lOve you sO much....xOxO

Anna we have our up-n-downs but hey were still sisters and were still living it up and we'll sooner then u know be partying it up like all hell… I love yah grl thanks for everything u’ve ever done for em or giving me I love yah so much…..mwhahahaha...xOxO

Tim bro good tymz telling ppl off protecting everyone its all good yeah i know work sucks i dont blame u why do u think i dont wanna grow up hahaha...XoXo

Jimmy hey baby hahahaha i luv yah so much and yah know wut u said means something to me.... im so happy ur not gunna stay in Florida, cuz damn i'd miss chylln with you...I'm so happy your in my life and yeah kno i'll alwaysbe here for yah i luv yah like another big bro hun.... idc wut people say about you cuz all i'd do is defend for u if u aint there....xOxO

Archit hey thanks for being here for me... dont be afraid of anyone boner boy(inside joke).... you just hadda be here when it was said trust me.... "o"yah dont be surprised if one day i come up to UMAss to come see ya...hahahaha..... good luck with your love life hun u know i luv yah... good tymez... hahahahaha..... I Love your roomate hun.. Thanks for being here for me once again... i luv yah thanks for everything remember im here if u ever need me...xOxO

Joe Good Tymez together we gotta chyll more... B-ball's Great....hahaha... can't wait ta see yah again... best luck in life hun i'll be here for you if you ever need anything... and Remember "Dont Be Sorry"....xOxO

Mary hunnie thanks fOr being here fOr me n dOn’t worry about Me betrading yOu I knO hOw yOu feel On Wuts gOing On… I’ll stick by your side gOod luck with Brian hunnie, he’s such a sweet heart he’ll take gOod care Of yOu….xOxO

Interests:15: 4wheeling, basketball, boys, clubs, football, friends, internet, movies, orin, phone, simple plan., singing, soccer, talking, tv
Friends:10: cherrybabe87, gilby018, jiaotux8407, lindzbaby, luvable852, mistress_kaytee, redwolfx84, shortypr1ncess, xkissmesoftly, xwhunluvx
Friend of:6: babiegem, bone_daddy, cherrybabe87, gilby018, lindzbaby, shortypr1ncess
Account type:Free User

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