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Below is user information for a little bit dramatic. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sugarmebaby (902238)  
Name:a little bit dramatic
Location:Sheffield, United Kingdom
AOL IM:ifancythedrummer (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:booluvzbead
Bio:¤i hurt: myself¤ ¤i love: james¤ ¤i cry: everyday¤ ¤i fear:
death¤ ¤i hope: to succeed¤ ¤i feel alone: inside¤ ¤i listen: to
my heart¤ ¤i taste: nothing¤ ¤i remember: my childhood¤ ¤i hold:
emotions inside¤ ¤i hide: from myself¤ ¤i pray: for happiness¤ ¤i
walk: nowhere¤ ¤i drive: crazy¤ ¤i read: books¤ ¤i burn:
candles¤ ¤i play: games¤ ¤i miss: jaclyn¤ ¤i feel: unloved at
times¤ ¤i know: i need to love who i am¤ ¤i dream: of the perfect
life¤ ¤i have: friendship¤ ¤i am: thinking too much¤ ¤i need:
love¤ ¤i live: in inner sadness¤ ¤i crave: happiness¤ ¤i wont':
be someone I'm not¤ ¤i pretend: that i love myself¤ ¤i smile: when
i think no one is looking¤ ¤i cant: fail¤ ¤i laugh: at
everything¤ ¤i lie: to no one but myself¤ ¤i wish: everyone was happy¤ ¤i
trust: very few ¤
Interests:48: adderall, alcohol, bitchy comments, black, blades, dark, dobermans, downtown, driving, fake tits, fall, family guy, fendi, football, gators, guitars, jazz, lions, mac, makeup, manhattans, marc jacobs, mardi gras, money, music, new orleans, palm trees, parades, penthouses, pink, punks, quiet, rejection, rent, ritolin, satire, sex, sheffield, showers, silk, skaters, smiles, snow cones, stripes, the rules of attraction, traditions, war, white.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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