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User:sugarfist (397031)
Bio:My name is Jessika.
& yes, it's really spelled with a "k", I'm not just doing that to be cool.

I am 19, full time college student and mother.
I am majoring in Religious Anthropology. I tell people that and they expect me to be some hard core religious fanatic, but I'm not. I do not belong to an organized religion. I am very spiritual, but I have my own way of going about it. I am majoring in Religion because it interests me.
I have a 2 year old daughter named Beth. She is amazing.

I'm thinking this journal will probably be friends only. I've had an online journal before, I would like this one to be more private.
Interests:60: alice walker, animals, aqua teen hunger force, beauty and the beast, ben folds five, biking, boots, carebears, christina aguilera, coffee, cooking, cosmetics, dancing, delias, disney, diy crafts, dog of glee, elmo, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fairies, fashion, folklore, fruit, gardening, gel pens, getting mail, goo goo dolls, happy bunny, ice cream, johnny depp, kids, knitting, lewis carrol, mac, manic panic, margarita's, movies, mythology, native american folklore, neil gaiman, new york city, orchids, packages, parenting, pets, pirates, purses, religion, san-x, scrubs, sequins, sparkley things, strawberry shortcake, swapping, thai food, tolkien, tom waits, tool, tori amos, urban decay
Friends:None listed.
Member of:1: blurtyexchange
Account type:Free User

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