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User:sugar_hunnie (194757)

On The [Outside]

Hey, the name`s Katey! I`m fifteen years old and im a sophmore at a school in the United States! :] I have dark brown hair with red `n` caramel highlight`s, and I have dark brown eyes. I`m pretty short for my age, at 5'0 feet, im cute and petite. ;] (HaHa yea right) Want to know more? `Stalk Me` and maybe i`ll tell you!

On The [Inside]

Most of the time everyone considers me as the girl who `never stops smiling`. Which is true but I guess I have alot to hide. When im depressed or upset I never want anyone else to know about it except my family, my best friends, and of course, my blurty girls. At school im a pretty shy person but when im with my friends im a complete wild child. People tend to judge me before they get to know me. They consider me as probobly `the girl next door` type, but thats really not who I want to be and thats really not who I am. I actually am an outgoing person, but only my family and friends see that. I know it may seem wierd but I am very close with my family, I know I know, everyone thinks it`s wierd but we just connect, and I can tell them anything, which I think is great. I haven`t had that many boyfriends in my life, but I have had many heartaches (not going into detail..) I don`t consider myself popular or an outcast, but I definatly consider myself normal, average, part of the crowd, eventhough I do think I am unique and not just a follower. Now you know the real me.

`Sweet like candy to my soul ` sweet you rock and sweet you roll ` Lost for you ` im so lost for you`

`I love you like a fat kid love cake ` You know my style ` Id say anything to make you smile`

`You wants to be ordinary ` in a crazy mixed up world ` I don`t care what their saying ` as long as i`m your girl`
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