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User:suchlove (363104)
Location:Winter Park, Florida, United States
AOL IM:funkyjupider (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:this is a journal for me, and you, who i do not know. journals wheer your friends all read them are fine and dandy, but i need one where i can type any shit i want.
and i have a lot of shit.
i'm a good person, and am always open to friends.
cause who doesn't need friends?
"i am nobody! who are you?" -emily dickenson
and hey, if you want to check my other journal, it's
Interests:91: 1988, adam sandler, aerosmith, afi, alanis morissette, alkaline trio, all american rejects, andrew w.k, art, bare naked ladies, beastie boys, ben folds five, blink-182, bookworm, boxcar racer, boys, broadway music, bush sucks, chorus, coa, coke sucks, color, cons, dancing, elijah wood, elvis, enya, finch, florida, frank sinatra, french language, friends, fuco, fuel, goldfinger, greenday, harry potter, high school, incubus, jack off jill, jewel, lifes a bitch, little women, livejournal, lj match, lord of the rings, love, mac, macintosh, may, orlando, patsy cline, pepsi, photography, picasso, radiohead, rolling stones, sculpting, singing, singing., smashing pumpkins, sophmore, stained, steven lynch, stevie nicks, sugarcult, talking on the phone, target, tauras, tenacious d, tenth grade, the beatles, the cheiftans, the corrs, the foo fighters, the hives, the living end, the monkeys, the turtles, the wheel of time, third eye blind, thrift stores, unitarian, uu, wal mart, warped tour, weezer, winter park, winter park high, writing on yourself, yruu
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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