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User:sublimity (192642)  

`-_ her -
Howdy, yes i said name is Lindsay. Lindsay can be either a dude's or girl's name.. but i'm a girl. i'm 16 and i live in Baltimore, MD. i'm a virgo, born on September 18th, 1986 ';D i believe in truth..being brutally honest.. `cause that's one of two real things in this world, that & Love, real love that is, but most don't ever get the chance to experience it..they Fake it, and lie to themselves..and throw it around.

`-_ him -
Matt is the him. we've been going out since... mid-April of `03. i can't even begin to describe the bond him and i have. he always says that fate brought us together and us being soso close & in love is so genuine and so real. he makes me feel like no one else ever could and i'm very lucky, he's an amazing person and if we weren't together we'd be best friends, our relationship is just on that high of a level. i'd do anything for him, i love you maffew, with all my heart and soul<3 we're so strong matt... anything is possible when we're involved. like you said... i'm a part of you, as are you of me... and no one will take that from us, and we'll always have one another, forever<3

`-_ me -
kinky, dorky, funny, sarcastic, smartass, mad, self - centered, moody, angry, determined, sassy, unique, real, honest, there for those that are important, intimidating, insecure.. i'm also a very stubborn person and i have too much pride... oye vey, i know.

`-_ likes -
matt<3, music(too much to name), love, true happiness, colors, relaxation, singing, lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara.. k make-up in general lol, pot ;X, friends, thunderstorms, sex, mnt.dew, concerts, drinking, waking up early+running, debating, England, reading, showers, radio, sunshine, poetry, anything meaningful, etc.

`-_ dislikes -
liars, ex-boyfriends & ex-friends, conformity, anything fake, back-stabbing, trends, racism, most people, being told what to do, food, ass kissers, limits, ignorance, being jealous, sluts, attention - whores, um..almost everything.

`-_ contacts -
aol= WORD Linz, LINZizzle.
aim= jonesin for linz.kthxbye

Friends:14: arcangel698, cares, falter, heartless, impassioned, memrieskill, p1mp, poor, tabledance, tearing, tech, tragically, _inl0ve, __shortness
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