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User:stuffeddonkey (110382)
Website:my site
Location:Buffalo, New York, United States
AOL IM:stuffeddonkey (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:stuffeddonkey (Add User, Send Message)

Well, I'm a gay, wiccan, socialist (and if you aren't running away, or getting holy water, then I think we're probably off to a good start). Those three words that describe me really aren't as scary as they may seem and in reality, it makes life really a heck of a lot more fun and interesting; I guess I just state it there because it is part of who I am, and have come to be (due to many life experiences that you'll probably read about in my journal) and I'm not going to change that, and hey, it's best to get the skeletons out of the closet so we can move on to other things, right?

I'm a Bottom & Catcher (I am not versatile) and I'm currently looking for a Top & Pitcher - like someone who actually knows they're a top, and defines themself that way - for a relationship. It'd be nice if one were at my school or in the general Buffalo area. I'm totally open to having sex, and while that's all good and well (and yes, I'd like to be screwed through the sheets on a weekly basis) I also want a relationship with something more than sex - such as love, humor, passion and romance. Asking to much? I really hope not.

Artist is what I am; I'm a Photography major and I have a philosophy about how you can look at life from behind the lens of a camera and discover a lot about the people you photograph and what they really feel, if you'd like to hear it, ask me sometime, because I'd much rather tell it in person than paste it here online for everyone to see. I truly enjoy what I do, holding the camera and working in the darkroom bring me hapiness that I find many others don't feel in the work that they do. Personally, if I don't feel a passion for it, I usually have a real hard time doing it, although I always do "what has to be done" I could never work a life time in a field that I hate. My online photography portfolio can be viewed here.

I like to read (any good mystery novel, usually - especially the Nero Wolfe series) as well as write. During the winter I like to snow shoe and during the summer I like to go hiking (or just walk around) and I'm always up to go clubbing.

During my downtime (and I need downtime daily) I enjoy cooking as well as cuddling. I also always leave time to just sit on a couch and day dream, because I think everyone should be able to just dream for an hour or so every day - a lot of people forget what dreaming's like when they get out into the real world and soemtimes it's a dream that can help us make it through the day.

Of course, playing on the Internet is always fun too, as I sort of have an addiction to maintaining my actual webpage. I view my site as sort of an archive of my life, although I haven't had a lot of time to update it this summer, I'll get the chance to shortly.

Currently, when I graduate, I'd like to work at a museum or for a magazine as a layout editor and live somewhere in the Gay Section of Boston, where I think I'd like to live for, well, I guess forever. I need to live in the gay community, go to the gay bookstores, and basically live with gay people, again, do to life experiences with the heterosexual world, I've been left a lot hurt, and a lot jaded, but I'm learning to deal.

People are often so afraid of the different communities within the queer world - they get freaked by the words "leather tops" or "bears" or "wolves" or "bottoms" - but the thing is I've marched with these people in gay pride twice, rallyed with them at gay pride bryant park once, and I have organized for other political struggles with many of them over the course of a year - and they are the most diverse, amazing, pure hearted people I have ever had the opportunity to meet - it is so amazing to see them display their love and affection and creativity and it's just truly overwhelming and powerful - and I want to live with them, because only when I'm with them, do I truly feel like I have a home.

Of course, you should probably also know that politics is NOT "my life" - there's waaaay more to me than that, so if you're looking for someone to have a political conversation with 24/7 you've definetly come to the wrong place. I lead a balanced life, between work and fun.

It is also my life's goal to define the word 'cute.'

I'd love to be able to travel, but as a student I can't currently afford to do so, but once I'm out of college and working, it shouldn't be that much of an issue. I think first on my list of places to see is Greece, than Ireland, than probably Italy. Of course, I can't find my way out of a wet paper bag, so I'll need a traveling companion - I get lost in my home town...another skeleton - I can't read a map, and I am clueless with driving directions, but hey...I do always manage to get where I'm going...somehow...even if it does mean a "scenic" view of the Brookyln subway system...a trip for breakfast can usualy turn into an adventure.

I also freely admit that I'm not an "organized" person - I have my pile system, it works for me, but the problem with it is that I'm the only one who understands it. I'm pretty good about keeping to my territory - like I won't mess up other people's space, just please don't shift papers on my desk, because they're cleverly disguised as a stack of papers - when they're actually filed according to the file system that only I can understand, and if you move it, it sort of screws me up. ::sigh:: such is the life of the mis understood artist. Sadly, the entire art department is like's kind of freaky.

Anyways, I'm always open to talking, and you can IM me on AIM by IMing: stuffeddonkey if you'd like to chat with me, and you can always send me an email which I'll respond to as well. You can feel free to friend me, I'll friend you back - and once I get to know you, I'll add you to some of the custom lists.

I may not be superman, but I'm superman to me, and that's what counts.

If you'd like to see what words people use to describe me you can see them here.

And words to the wise - never mess with a gay bottom comrade who just had a manicure and has been in the Washington Post can pull an all nighter with nothing more than a really really neat story idea and can redecorate a room with a single bound and has a sixth sense for when Macy's is having a store sale and giving an extra 15 percent off for those who use their Macy's card all while organizing against the the Bourgeoisie - can spell Bourgeoisie - and carry a latte at the same time while maintaining a stellar GPA. Just don't mess...

Nice to meet you ^_^

~ Matt
Interests:150: adhd, amherst, amy's place, anal sex, ancient greece, anthropology, archaeology, archival, art, art museums, artisan, artists, arts, being a bottom, being cute, being dominated, being oblivious, being there, bikini briefs, black & white photography, black and white photography, bookbinding, books, bookstores, bottom, bovine, bovines, boxer briefs, buffalo, buffy the vampire slayer, cabaret, clothes, color photography, computer art, computers, cowboy bebop, cowboybebop, cows, crochet, crocheting, daria, dark poetry, dark room, dark writing, design, eeyore, elvish, fashion, fire island, footloose, freedom of choice, galleries, gay, gay activism, gossmans dock, graphic design, graphics, gryffindor tower, hal sparks, harry potter, harry/ginny, homosexual, hoodies, hot guys, hpcafe, html, international a.n.s.w.e.r., international answer, jeckyl & hyde, jeckyl and hyde, kenny loggins, lady marmalade, layout design, leather, leftist, leftists, leonardo da vinci, les mis, long island, mac, magick, maquis, marxism, massage, militant gay activism, mmmmspike, montauk, morrigan, mythology, new york, new york city, nicholas brendan, nirvana, obsessive compulsive disorder, ocd, pagan, pagnism, pentagram, photographer, photography, poetry, political work, pro choice, pro-choice, protests, publishing, queer, queer as folk, queerdom, rhps, rocky horror picture show, savage garden, shopping, shrek, sihaya09, sirius/remus, slash, snow shoeing, snowshoeing, socialism, socialist, song writing, spike, spike spiegel, spike/angel, spike/angelus, spike/xander, standard poodles, star trek, storms, strawberries, student, the odyssey, the simpsons, tourettes, tourettes syndrome, travel, uke, underwear, university at buffalo, vampire, vampires, web design, webdesign, wicca, wiccan, winnie the pooh, workers world party, writing, xander
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