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User:strawberreyfuck (358068)
Website:Life is depressing
Location:Miami, Florida, United States
Bio:hey. I'm Alley. Im 14. Live in Miami, Florida. Don't belong here. I stalk you. You stalk me. Its a Stalking family! Yea. *cough* moving on... I dont do anything. I'm a Freak, Loser, Fatass, Nerd, Dork, Freak-of-Nature... You name it, im it. I read (and try to write) erotic story type things because thats all i can get [[just kidding]]. i like rock and rave. Pink Floyd is cool \\ Otep is cooler. yea and get over it im BISEXUAL...
Interests:54: adreneline rush, afi, alchohol, bikini kill, black, black nailpolish, bondage, box cutters, cats, chains, chevelle, chicks on speed, cold, cold play, daggers, deadsy, death, depression, drugs, dying, evanescence, freaks, hammers, heartbreak, hell, hurt, jack off jill, kittie, knifes, korn, life, lighters, linkin park, love, lust, music, no doubt, nothingface, otep, pain, pigs, poetry, red, safety pins, sex, sharp objects, smirnoff silver, soccer, staples, stones, switchblades, the circus, whips, x's and o's
Friends:9: evilpunkolives, foolishgamez, freakiishh, freakshow90210, ienjoyyourlove, lotrali, madeofglass2727, vampresslily, xxwipznchainzxx
Friend of:5: fearthedarkk, foolishgamez, freakiishh, lotrali, punkheartbreakr
Member of:6: cutmeintopieces, cutters_anon, eroticstories, justfuckinsayit, self_harm_help, shareyourdreams
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-07-08 18:57:09
Date updated:2003-08-05 19:18:30, 593 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:19
Comments:Posted: 32 - Received: 11
Shared Journal Access:strawberreyfuck can post to cutmeintopieces
strawberreyfuck can post to cutters_anon
strawberreyfuck can post to eroticstories
strawberreyfuck can post to justfuckinsayit
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