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User:stormy_sky (691335)  
AOL IM:PlRATElife4me (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:The name is Breanne. I'm 18, I'm engaged to be married and I have a daughter named Amy who was born June 11, 2003. I'm pure bred Californian, but I live in Washington. I'd never go back to live there. I hate the heat and can't stand the people (no offense). I love Washington weather. As for looks, I'm a shortie. I'm exactly 5 ft tall, I have brown eyes and brown hair a little shorter than my shoulders. I hate being short, I'm always in need of help to reach things. Then again the advantage is that I don't hit my head on open cabinets ;) My ears are pierced once, but I never wear earings. Maybe on very special occasions. And I have one tattoo on the back of my left shoulder; it's a cross that has a ribbon going across it and it has the scripture of John 3:16.

Awarding my top 5 most fuckable awards:
Chris O'Donnell
Nick Carter
Ewan Mcgregor
Steve Watson
Orlando Bloom
Interests:44: a life less ordinary, adam sandler, animal cops, average joe, backstreet boys, baseball, celine dion, chris o'donnell, christina aguilera, con air, dolphins, down with love, er, ewan mcgregor, fear factor, finding nemo, ghost ship, goo goo dolls, guitar, harry potter, ice age, jars of clay, jurassic park, just married, martin lawrence, mercy me, michelle branch, monster house, most extreme, mythbusters, nick carter, ocean, orlando bloom, phil collins, pirates of the caribbean, spaceballs, staind, steve watson, survivor, the hot chick, third watch, trading spaces, while you were out, will & grace
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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