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User:stopthief33 (615644)
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Bio:Here I am
Rock you like a hurricane
Memories:1 entry
Interests:149: !!!, +/-, a&i color, aceyalone, adrian brody, andy dick, at the drive in, audrey hepburn, badly drawn boy, bikini kill, black and white, blankets, boys with glasses, bratmobile, cabaret, cat power, center stage, chicago the musical, christmas lights, clinic, cold milk, come2mama vintage, converse, dan winters, death cab for cutie, diane arbus, dilean jimenez, dirty hair, donnie darko, doves, dr pepper, dr. octagon, echo and the bunnymen, elliott smith, emily flake, enon, ernest scared stupid, eyebrows, fake meat, family, fosse, freestyle fellowship, funny face, fuzzy red pillows, gardenias, george michael, girl drummers, girlyhead, good conversation, gravy train, hawaiian slammers, hearts, hope sandoval, hot chocolate!!!, italy, jack black, jake gyllenhaal, joy division, joyleen spinner, julie ruin, karate (the band), katrina henderson, kettle corn, koala faces, l.a.o., ladybugs, le tigre, lemon ice tea, lemonheads, little twin stars, lost in translation, love, low, maggie gyllenhaal, marc jacobs, mark ryden, mates of state, melt banana, midnight movies, mint hot chocolate, mirah, modest mouse, moogs, morning star bacon, my melody, mystery science theater, nan goldin, nap time, neomalie peries, new orleans, nightmare before christmas, nylon magazine, oingo boingo, old school, ole, pasta, patsy cline, peppermint, perfect bangs days, photography, pinback, pirates, pj harvey, postal service, prince, purple rain, rachel perry, radiohead, rainer maria, red and white, rilo kiley, roman holiday, rushmore, sante d'orazio, scarlett johannson, seven jeans, shirley bassey, sleater-kinney, snowflakes, soft focus, sonic youth, spies, spinal tap, stars, steve buscemi, strawberries, stripes, tammy wynette, that dog, the autumns, the cars, the cure, the decemberists, the gossip, the moog cookbook, the royal tenenbaums, the scorpions, the shins,, tom robbins, versus, wacko, wayne's world, wham, will ferrel, yo la tengo, you, yummy warm time, zoolander
Friends:10: blueberryjulius, elitexcore, emolovee, indiemixtapes, le_tigre, ooberwilliam, sandjesus, starbracelet, the_purple_rain, unspokenlove
Friend of:3: emolovee, sandjesus, starbracelet
Member of:4: elitexcore, indiemixtapes, le_tigre, the_purple_rain
Account type:Free User

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