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User:stinkysothahalf (12106)
Website:Beware...Your Dreams May Come True...
Location:Downy, California, United States
Bio:Here is where I post the ultimate personal things I don't want to post in my other 2 journals. Feel free to add me and I just may add you back.

The WeatherPixie
Interests:91: *n sync, acting, angels, ashanti, ashley parker angel, avril lavigne, beverly hills, black women, bootylicious, brian white, california, challenge for the children, chris kirkpatrick, clubbing, country, csi, csi:miami, csi:ny, dan miller, dancing, dc3, delirious?, destiny, destiny fullfilled, destiny's child, destinys child, downey, erik-michael estrada, florida, good charlotte, gospel, heard a word, hip hop, hollywood, inc., ja rule, jacob underwood, jada pinkett smith, jason carson, jason fitz, jason minor, jason mraz, jc chasez, joe zampelli, joey fatone, justin timberlake, kelly, kelly rowland, kfc, lance bass, lose my breath, luccamusic, maroon5, michelle, michelle williams, missy elliot, mmc, music, n.e.r.d, navy:ncsi, ncsi, nelly, new york, nsync, o-town, orlando, pharrell williams, poetry, popeyes, r&b, reading, sexy, shiloh, simon, simon rex, simple plan, simply deep, singing, starbucks, survivor, tattoos, the mickey mouse club, the neptunes, tony lucca, touring, traveling, trevor penick, trio, winnie the pooh, writing, writings on the wall
Friends:3: elsegundoche, perfectlyflawed, stinkysothahalf
Account type:Early Adopter

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