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User:stinco (77565)
Name:Jeff Stinco
Website:i'd do anything
Location:Montreal, Canada
AOL IM:stincorama (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Jeff of Simple Plan.

[ Faker than your mom. ]

1. Name: Jeff Stinco
2. Nick Names: Stincorama, Jefferino, Stinky, Bee Bop
3. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? 23
4. Date that you regularly blow them out: 22 of august or whenever they give rebates at restaurant when' it's
your B-Day.
5. Pets: Roxy, my little cat and Merlin my big fat cat
6. Height: 7 feet
7. Eye color: Green, brown depending on the day.
8. Hair Color: I don't remember
9. Piercings: labret, 2 piercings in each ears
10. Tattoos: Soon, soon
11. Birthplace: Montreal
12. Current Residence: Montreal
13. Been toilet-papering? Nope!
14. Been drunk? Huh...........
15. Coke or Pepsi? Ice tea is way better
16. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: Blanket
17. Color of socks: White
18. Number: 7 or 13 depending on the day
19. Why? I never really thought about it, they're just my lucky numbers.
20. Movie: Stand by me
21. Quote from a movie: "You can't blame it on the wang"
22. Foods: Italian
23. Candy: Peach sour jujubes
24. Day of the Week: Wednesday
25. Song at the moment: One U2
26. Word or Phrase: "Your mom!"
27. Restaurant: Misto in Montreal
28. Alcoholic Drink: I love all the girl drinks, they are much better then the macho drinks.
29. Sport to Watch: Friends
30. What do you think of Ouija boards?: I love them, I think they work if you believe they do and I have a whole wack of stories about them.
31. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?: Playing guitar on stage with Simpleplan.
32. Which single store would you choose to max your credit card? Steve's music store and I already did.
33. If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be? God
34. Juicy tidbits about your band members? Dave made a pact with the devil and talks to him every night in his sleep.
Pierre is 14 years old.
Chuck is really a girl.
Seb as a 10 inch thumb.
I'm from outer space.
35. Bedtime Right now: 2 in the morning
36. What time is it now? 9h30 at night.
Interests:6: chuck, dave, pat, pierre, seb, simple plan
Friends:40: ac_sugar, adamgarcia, alisonlarter, alittle_faith, alyssa__milano, aoki, bbmak_mcnally, bouvier316, chrisfakesit, chuck__, cunningham, davematthews, eme_nyfinest, foxyford, gcxbilly, gc_joel, jake_epstein, jeremiahrangel, joshuascott, kentuckyxtrain, kyle_carlson, madonna_, markymark, michelle_kwan, missrussell, miss_branch, natattack, sara_lumholdt, sebastien, stinco, sugar_timmons, underwood, xlaurenb, xscottx, x_angel_c_x, zdenka_pet, _anna__faris, _desrosiers, _greg_raposo_, _nickcarter_
Friend of:17: babeexgrl, cunningham, jenna_bean, kaci__, lindz_babii, madonna_, markymark, michelle_kwan, milaxkunisx, quinnxxxallman, robert_gant, smilesrahsmile, steve_looker, stinco, wishihadseb, _anna__faris, _desrosiers
Account type:Early Adopter

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