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User:still_birth (895152)  
Website:beauty in a gasmask
Location:905, Ontario, Canada
AOL IM:the end of 1986 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Jabber:a pencil in your eye.
ASEXUAL; Call me Missy or die. I was born on May 4th of 1986, this makes me 18 & a Taurus. I'm 5'5 (or something among that height), have long short [just got cut] black hair & brownish-greenish eyes (visual? x)

My favourite colours are black, blue, pink and green (not in that order or combination, tho). Patience isn't one of my gifts, sometimes I get annoyed without a reason, just like I can randomly start laughing. I can be very mature but there's times when I start talking or acting like a little kid & the truth is that it doesn't really bother me.

Graphics are my passion (but I don't really consider myself THAT good at it, it's just for fun anyway) but I'll start with Addiction Councelling (& Youth Worker) courses once I get into college.

I am asexual and while I know I am female I sometimes dress like a boy. (i loathe pedophiles, perverts and other sexual fiends.. if you want to tell me I am hot or sexy or turn you on, then fuck the hell off.).

My icons & header
are from here.
Interests:109: alan rickman, andrgynous, androgyny, anti-flag, anti-racism, anxiety attacks, asexuality, aspartame, autumn, avuh, billy talent, boots, boys kissing, bright eyes, candles, chocolate, computers, constructive criticism, cuddling, cynicism, dah-nah-nah dah!, daydreaming, depression, dextromethorphan, dirty hair, dogma, dorkorific, dr. phil mcgraw, dreaming, dxm, eyeliner, fanfiction, gauged ears, gender confusion, ginger snaps, ginseng, goregasms, harry potter, intellect, journaling, kurt cobain, ladyjaida, legal highs, loneliness, lycanthropy, m, men in eyeliner, mixed media, moments, mood swings, murder pr0n, mwpp, nirvana, no conditioner, no shampoo, no showering, oblivion, open minded, outcasts, overdue abortions, panic attacks, paranoia, paxil, photography, piercings, plot bunnies, poetry, pranks, prescription pills, radiohead, reading, rebellion, reese puffs, robitussin coughgels, rubber duckies, scars, scarves, self-exploration, severus snape, shaina, sharp objects, sharpie, shoebox thursday, shoebox_project, silence, slash, sleeping in, smirk, smut, snarky comments, sneering, snerk, sobe, solitude, strange occurances, sucrets, superiourity, tears, the doors, the shoebox project, the who, theirloveissobeingredefined, thrift stores, trash, voldemort, web design, winning, writing, ♂+♂
Friends:2: terriblejester, whisper_goodbye
Account type:Free User

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