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User:stifballs (350890)
Name:Stef Rappa
Bio:What's up? My name is Stephanie, but most people call me "Stef" or "Stif Balls" (yeea, don't ask). I live in Jersey, holler @ that. I'm 16 [ouch, how sweet ;] .. I love the beach, it's like my god, but omg there is deffinately jelly fish &. crabs, and ahh! scary. I play soccer & basketball. I like to drink smirnoff & corona / but beer is goood too .. umm, shut up to all those people who think they are pussy drinks; remember, i am a kitty.. riiiiight - soo i don't smoke! go me! + my "type" is usually punks, or like any of the guys with the sidehat, or any punks who are downright bad &. dirty.. ugh! too cute! i work @ an icecream store where i get paid lots o' $$ for serving icecream.. too easy. i like going to clubs [abyss, krome] & i like meeting people i don't know because.. yea! - i'm crazy as hell : weird is more-so the word, but shit, i just love having a good ass time! .. the end!
Interests:10: bands, boogie boarding, clubs, drinking, food, guys, makeovers, punks, shopping, soccer
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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