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Below is user information for *Chrissy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:stidz (395418)
Location:Philly, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:SweetTragedyO1 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: ...just paint a smile and pretend...

Interests:149: adam brody, adventures in babysitting, all american rejects, american graffitti, art, aston kutcher, audrey hepburn, back rubs, balloons, barefoot in the park, bed head shampoo, being tickled, bennagins, blue crush, boo from monsters inc, brand new, bubble baths, bubble wrap, butterfly feelings, candy, carosel, cary grant, cheesy laughs, chinese noodles, chocolate, chunky rings, club soda, coheed and cambria, cold showers, color green, coloring, coloring books, cool waitors, cozy bed, cruel intentions, cuddling, curious george, cute socks, dancing retarded, disney world, dorks, drawing, dreams, early november, eeyore, emo, emo lyrics, empire records, ernie, ever after, fairies, finch, flavored lip gloss, football in the snow, funny guys, fuzzy slippers, garfield, good hair days, good lyrics, good movies, happy bunny, holding hands, hot guys, ice, ice cream, inside jokes, jason mraz's voice, joe boxer commercials, jumpin on the bed, late night phone calls, little kids, lizards, lyric icons, make believe, marilyn monroe, memories, minty gum, movie moments, music, musicals, nature n life, neon lights, night time, old movies, old time photos, opening a fortune cookie, opening presents, pictures, pillows, pink and black combo, playing with my hair, pop rocks, popsiccles, pugs, punk rock, ritas mistos, river pheonix, rob thomas, rob thomas's sexy voice, roller coasters, romeo and juliet, rubber duckies, rufio, sand between your toes, senses fail, seven year itch, shadows, shaggy hair, shows, side walk chalk, silly gifts, silly string, singin in the shower, singing, skater boys, skipping in the rain, sleeping, snapple, snapple songs, snoopy and charlie brown, some like it hot, something corporate, south pacific, spinning in the street, spitalfield, stand by me, stars, stickers, stuffed animals, sweet guys, tbs, the ataries, the goonies, the o.c., the used, thrice, thunderstorms, thursday, tigers, tinker bell, toys, tyson ritter, u2, vintage, wanna-be punk bracelts, water, west side story, wrist bands, yellowcard
Friends:10: donthateusazns, d_moneyy, hezus_christ, i2icey, ilovepete, jessikuh, lilshortmami, mutty, rakell, xo_mandsie
Friend of:9: donthateusazns, i2icey, ilovepete, jessikuh, lilshortmami, manduh_, rakell, rockx_it_xgirl, xo_mandsie
Member of:5: emolyrics, emo_tearz, rockstar_icons, rock_icons, __tbsfans
Account type:Free User

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