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Below is information about the "Stellar RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:stellar_two (251662)
Name:Stellar RPG
Website:D I S C L A I M E R
About:(formely stellar_)

After you've read this info page and abided by it, leave a comment in the stellar_mod's journal.

This community is run by:
a_larter (aim: ali rofl)
einziger_mike (aim: mike einziger x)

And watched by (we like to call her the EYES OF STELLAR):
cameron_r (aim: x kinky cammy x)

Alrighty, first and foremost this RPG is a spin-off of UJournal's Star Quality RPG. But that doesn't mean we don't accept new people, because we most certainly do.


To become a member of this community:
1. ADD the maintainers, recc'ers, etc.
2. JOIN the sister communities. welcome__wagon (not to be confused with welcome_wagon) would be the one to join first. Post in there, introduce yourself.
3. SOCIALIZE with the members. Leave some comments, we don't bite.
4. GET an AIM name.
5. LINK the disclaimer somewhere in your user info. Being sued is not a fun thing.
6. MAKE a first post. No one liners either kids. Introduce your character. What they do, what they've been in etc etc.
7. UPDATE. That's one's just obvious. If you don't update your own journal for over 2 weeks, you will be considered inactive and therefore your role is open.
8. ATTENTION, NEW RULE - For now on, members will not be added until the FRIDAY of each week. Therfore if you join on a Monday you will not become a member of stellar_two until the following Friday.

ON HOLD FOR ONE MONTH:As of August 5th, 2003

Mischa Barton
Mandy Moore
Billy Martin


delfino_maj (aim: Maria A Delfino)
natalieappleton (aim: nataIie appleton)
stinabear (aim: x christilicious)
sm_gellar_ (aim: Simply Smg x)
_bouvier (aim: pierre omfg)

Buddy list:
tobeymaguire (aim: Tobey Vince M)

delfino_maj (aim: Maria A Delfino)

Please note: To RP with Stellar you cannot be in any other RPGs like this_pop_life or reality_unwoven. It's much too confusing for everyone and if you're in those communities then you won't get added here.

AND REMEMBER: Just because you are in welcome wagon does NOT mean you are a part of the Stellar RPG! So follow the rules to get added or else your role is open!

Sister communities:
welcome__wagon (remember, there's two underscores) for introductions.
sexaholics_two if the name doesn't say it all, then not even I can help you.
therapeme for all your little problems.
nebby all your OOC posts go here, thanks.
aim_is_funny post those funny AIM conversations here.
dim_halo for all you night-prowlers out there.
stellar_design layouts and icon requests.
forget_my_name adoption agency, for unwanted characters.
stellar_lyrics express yourself; with lyrics.

An updated friends list is kept here for your convenience;

Many thanks to tobeymaguire for keeping the buddy list updated!
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