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User:starxxbrite (518067)
Bio:Hello, I'm Brooke. These are my personal thoughts or stories.. so most of the time this journal will be on friends only. So add me, comment and I'll add you back, unless I have good reason not to.

More about me? I'm an 18 year old attending highschool. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, about 5ft3 short, I know. All my friends either call me short stuff, half pint [ yes, tooken from little house on the praire. ], Brite, or Kandii. I love to horse back ride and play volleyball. My life can be boring at times, and other times filled with school drama. So be warned, I'm a complainer. ANyways, enjoy.
Interests:48: animals, basketball, biking, boys, bright colors, candy, children, coke, computers, dogs, everwood, flowers, friends, hanging out, holding hands, horses, hugs, identity, jokes, journalism, kissing, laughing, lavendar, moulin rouge, mountain dew code red, movies, music, nail polish, olives, pasta, phones, pizza, pop, reading, roses, school football games, sex, shopping, singing, singing to the radio, skiing, sports, sprite remix, stories, talkking, tj, volleyball, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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