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Below is user information for I feel like i lost everything when your gone.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:starsxarentxout (807325)
Name:I feel like i lost everything when your gone...
Location:United States
AOL IM:L0nelyandL0st (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:xxbroknpromisesxx (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:xxbroknpromisesxx
Bio:One more time in this game we play
Sorry that I couldn't make you stay
Placing pieces on the floor
Of all the things that we loved before

Like puddles, in the rain
Like puddles, we wash away

Hate me now so I can move on
Make it easier to see that you're gone
All the things they're gone too
Turn and changed into memories

Like puddles, in the rain
Like puddles, we wash away
Interests:58: alkaline trio, atreyu, audio karate, black, blink182, blood, boys, brand new, cutting, dashboard confessional, dead kennedy's, durrdre, evanescence, finch, friends, guys wif mohawks, him, incubus, jack off jill, jackson, jimmy eat world, layna, less than jake, motion city soundtrack, new found glory, nofx, pink, posers, red, rise against, rufio, ryans, sammy, saves the day, sex pistols, sid fucking viscious, smelly guys, something coropate, stairwell, stars, superheros, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the ataris, the beach, the casualties, the early november, the postal service, the ramones, the unseen, the used, thrice, thursday, trapt, tsunami bomb, vendetta red, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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