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Below is information about the "Stars Among Us RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:stars_among_us (157506)
Name:Stars Among Us RPG
About:This is a role playing game, none of us are real, do not IM/E-mail/Comment us asking if we are real.

1. No killing your character, or anyone elses character off.

2. No stealing icons/journal entries from anyone else in any other community. Be original.

3. Please do not type "LyKe DiS", it annoys people.

4. Do not take anything anyone says IC to your character to heart, it's just a game.

5. We're slash friendly.

6. Please keep IC fights IC and OOC fights OOC.

7. You must comment in the mods journal with your blurty username and AIM name.


Be sure to leave us a comment with your blurty username and AIM name.

8. Once you join, you must make a post in the community letting everyone know you are there and who you are.

9. If the character you want is taken chose another one.

10. PLEASE check the Characters that are taken before you comment to Join, otherwise you just make yourself look really stupid.

11. Please do not update in the community just to say you've updated, We have friends pages, we can see that you updated.

12. Have fun!


Katie Cassidy: katiexocassidy
AIM: KatiexoCassidy

Sarah Martin: sarahxmartin
AIM: Sarah xx Martin

Erin Tanner: erinxextanner
AIM: Eek Its Erin

On Hold:

Promote Us:
You can promote us at rpg_central, rpg_ads, and rpg_promote.
*If you Join this community, We would highly appreciate it if you all go and promote the community and reply to people that are looking for a community and tell them about us!*

If you need icons please check out out icon community!

Thank you,
SAU Mods
Members:5: katiexocassidy, sarahxmadden, sarahxmartin, sau_pimp, __mkolsen__
Watched by:20: adam_lamberg__, annaxxxplay, carterxangel, erinetannerx, evan_t_, kaci_lynn, kaley_c, katiexocassidy, katiexspencer, kitana, mika_b, mizz_faye, sarahxmartin, sau_mods, spikester_chris, x0x_lena, xlesliexcarterx, x_brittney_x, _dgallagher_, _secrets_af
Account type:Early Adopter

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