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Below is user information for › * qwen . . ·. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:starlyte (16699)  
Name:› * qwen . . ·
AOL IM:d4zzled (Add Buddy, Send Message)

+ [ S t a r l y t e ] · · ·
qwendolyn lee. aka qwennie. july thirteen. asian. singapore. damsel. hetrosexual. russell's baby. twelve march. ten months. student at smss. one dog: lee. three fish: fee, fi, and fo. five'four. one zero six lbs. shoulder length dark brown hair. brown eyes.

+ [ I n s i d e ] · · ·
optimistic. shy. talkative. sensitive. secretive. dorky. lazy. understanding. tactful. emotional. friendly. forgiving. easily amused. homely. fun. self concious. careless. skinny. clumsy. trustworthy. affectionate. thoughtful. delicate. imaginative. picky. observant. kind. me.

+ [ J o u r n a l ] · · ·
friends only. version: on the edge. only if you're able to type in proper english: comment and wait for reply. i will not make you icons, layouts, or graphics. friends cut every month: just take me off, it'll save both of us time. rude anonymous comments will not be tolerated.

+ [ C o n t a c t ] · · ·
can't get enough of me, or just want someone to talk to? you can contact me through the following methods. aim d4zzled. email and msn qwenly @ msn · com. i don't have early adopter accounts, and neither do i make icons or layouts, so don't contact me for those. thanks <3

Friends:21: adored, aelanie, airhead, bean, bloomability, chibi_faerie, collapse, ethereal, fairy_charm, girlisha, goodbye, gordita, invalid, nestle, outburst, overfire, siempre, starlyte, talent, unreadable, wordsareweapons
Account type:Early Adopter

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