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Below is user information for ♥ star. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:starla (6953)
Name:♥ star
girl: starla. twenty one. childish. moody. loves to hate. self centered. atheist. sarcastic.
status: taken. <3 sean.
obsessions: sean. lip gloss. shopping.
inner: insecure. complex.
outter: 5'6". 125-ish pounds. blonde hair. blue eyes. tan.
loves: sean. lip gloss. lip balm. pink. eyeshadow. shopping. flip flops. shoes. low rise jeans. painkillers. money. swimming.
hates: drama queens. idiots. homophobes. george bush.
music: justin timberlake. michelle branch. jack off jill. christina aguilera. eminem. staind. good charlotte. incubus.
journal: my journal is private. don't add me to your friends list.

i wish i could be every little thing you wanted.

Memories:10 entries
Interests:150: 80's cartoons, abercrombie, alcohol, alloy, american eagle, american idol, baby blue, bath and body works, beaches, beauty, bebe, being girly, bikinis, bitchyness, body spray, bonne bell, bubble baths, burts bees, butterflies, california, candles, candy, carebears, chocolate, christmas, christmas lights, cigarettes, clothes, coconut, cosmetics, cotton candy, cuddles, cuddling, dancing, daydreaming, delias, drama, dreams, ebay, eminem, evanescence, eyeshadow, fashion, flip flops, forever 21, fucking, g-strings, glamour, glitter, good charlotte, halter tops, hardcore, hating you, hearts, hoodies, hugging, hugs, icons, jack off jill, jane eyezings, jimmy eat world, john frieda, journals, juicy tubes, justin timberlake, kisses, kissing, laundro, layouts, lifehouse, lingerie, lip balm, lip butters, lip gloss, lips, lotion, love, love-hate relationships, lowrise jeans, lust, mac, makeup, making out, mama cocos, mini skirts, money, music, my bed, my boyfriend, nail polish, new york, old navy, oral sex, pac sun, painkillers, paradise hotel, parties, pictures, piercings, pink, pinup girl clothing, pixies, popsicles, pugs, quotes, rain, rainbow brite, roxy, sarcasm, scarling, sean, seans voice, sex, shiny lips, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, smelly good stuff, snow, soft lips, sparkles, spongebob square pants, starbucks, stars, stila, storms, strawberries, summer, sunshine, surfing, swimming, tank tops, tanning, tattoos, the body shop, the ocean, the smell of winter, thongs, trading spaces, underoos, urban decay, urban outfitters, victoria's secret, web design, wet seal, winter skies, xoxo, xtina,
Friends:1: seanathon
Friend of:1: seanathon
Account type:Early Adopter

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