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Below is user information for stuck in ambers of self/time. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:starhungry (133311)
Name:stuck in ambers of self/time
Location:dayton, United States
AOL IM:starrhungry (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:bekka_2000 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:machine's subconscious:

stop being carbon

my body type was in last year

if there were two of you, which one would win

demonize the symbolic analysts

they left a dead elevator, chewed and torn lying on the pavement like a dead gray candy necklace.

the past is a finite resource

you may have already won

sporting goods stores always smell like the most advanced plastics

mom, dad..i'm ok. i am not being starved, or beaten, or unenecessarily frightened.

i thought i was going to be a read only file. i never thought i'd be..interactive

in the end we forget everything anyway. we're human' we're amnesia machines

if we were machines, wed have the gift of being eternal and i want you to understand

unraveled brown cassette tape on the freeway

Q. what animal would you be if you could be an animal?

A. you already are an animal
Interests:150: 1984, 2001: a space odyssey, aa ammons, air, american beauty, ani difranco, ansel adams, anti-war, arab strap, badly drawn boy, battle royale, belle and sebastian, ben folds, bjork, blur, boards of canada, brazil, brian eno, bright eyes, buddhism, bukowski, can, candlelight, cats, chopin, clinic, coldplay, crafts, curry, daft punk, dandy warhols, dharma bums, dieselboy, dj shadow, dntel, donnie darko, doves, elbow, elliot smith, ender's series, fall, feminist, fight club, fiona apple, four tet, frank kafka, frankenstein, garlic, gay rights, godspeed you! black emperor, gypsies, helium, hiking, hooverphonic, indian food, interpol, jack kerouac, kenneth koch, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, lightning bugs, lisa gerrard, live, lori carson, lou reed, magnolia, margaret atwood, massive attack, meditation, memento, mercury rev, microphones, minus the bear, moby, monet, morcheeba, mr bungle, mum, my bloody valentine, mystery science theater 3000, neruda, neutral milk hotel, new pornagraphers, nirvana, nutella, pacifism, painting, pavement, peppermint tea, philosophy, pi, pink floyd, poetry, poetry slams, politics, porcupine tree, portishead, puddle stomping, quantum and the lotus, quantum physics, radiohead, rain, rem, requiem for a dream, science fiction, siddhartha, sigur rós, simon and garfunkle, slaughterhouse five, smoke rings, socialism, sociology, sonic youth, spanish poetry, sparklehorse, spoon, squarepusher, starlight mints, sumi-e, sun dried tomatoes, telepop musik, the beatles, the beta band, the dismemberment plan, the doors, the flaming lips, the juliana theory, the shins, the wall, the white stripes, thunderstorm watching, tori amos, travis, trees, tricky, u2, uberzone, van gogh, vegetarian chik patties, vegetarianism, velvet covers, vertigo, vonnegut, walden two, wet leaves, wilco, yo la tengo, yoga, zero 7, zoolander
Friends:6: abstractform, billypilgrim, doolittle, hamfisted, metix, palmer
Friend of:5: abstractform, billypilgrim, doolittle, metix, palmer
Account type:Early Adopter

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