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Below is user information for apathy's last ::x:: kiss. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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And in my prayers I dream alone
A silent speech to deaf ear
If you want love you must be love
But if you bleed love you will die loved
User:starbelly (56979)  
Name:apathy's last ::x:: kiss
You can contact me at Feed The Model, A Faded Scar or Levyrach.</font>

sleep, pretty lady, the night is enfolding you;
Drift, and so lightly, on crystalline streams.
Wrapped in its perfumes, the darkness is holding you;
Starlight bespangles the way of your dreams.
Chorus the nightingales, wistfully amorous;
Blessedly quiet, the blare of the day.
All the sweet hours may your visions be glamorous-
Sleep, pretty lady, as long as you may.

Sleep, pretty lady, the night shall be still for you;
Silvered and silent, it watches you rest.
Each little breeze, in its eagerness, will for you
Murmur the melodies ancient and blest.
So in the midnight does happiness capture us;
Morning is dim with another day's tears.
Give yourself sweetly to images rapturous-
Sleep, pretty lady, a couple of years.

Sleep, pretty lady, the world awaits day with you;
Girlish and golden, the slender young moon.
Grant the fond darkness its mystical way with you;
Morning returns to us ever too soon.
Roses unfold, in their loveliness, all for you;
Blossom the lilies for hope of your glance.
When you're awake, all the men go and fall for you-
Sleep, pretty lady, and give me a chance.

Lullaby - Dorothy Parker

Version 1.0 - Hole (Awful)
Version 2.0 - Trent Reznor (in chains)

Version 3.0 - Smashing Pumpkins!

today i feel...The current mood of at

Interests:150: ace of base, adore, afi, alcohol, alien sex fiend, amiee echo, ana, angst, anorexia, apathy, atrophy, attention, bass, bauhaus, beauty, being pretty, bikini kill, billy corgan, bipolar, bisexual, black, calories, chicks, christina agularia, ciggerettes, counting calories, courtney love, cunt, cunt rock, d'arcy, davey havok, degrassi, depression, diet pills, dieting, dolls, dorothy parker, eating disorders, english, eyeliner, full house, garbage, ghost world, girl bands, girl interrupted, goth, gothic music, grunge, halloween, hating you, hole, hoodies, hot wax, html, human waste project, icons, innocence, jack off jill, jessika fondera, kathleen hanna, kindergoths, kissing, kurt cobain, kurtney, l7, laughter, layouts, le tigre, lies, lisa loeb, literature, love, lyrics, maine teen camp, making icons, manic city preachers, manson, mariah carey, medications, melissa auf der maur, mia, misanthrophy, morrisey, mtc, music, my ruin, new wave, nick cave, nirvana, nofx, noggin, oasis, ocd, originality, over-analysising, paranoia, perfection, peter murphy, pills, pink, poetry, post-punk, pot, pretty on the inside, projekt, radiohead, rammstein, rants, rasputina, recovery, rhps, robert smith, self-mutalation, sexless scars and demons, shirley manson, silverchair, siouxise and the banshees, skinny puppy, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, stabbing westward, suicide, sunsets, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, tairrie b, the butchies, the cure, the distillers, the donnas, the gossip, the hissyfits, the queers, the ramones, the smiths, thestart, thrift stores, tiarras, trent reznor, tura satana, ugly, violet, warmth, watertownies, web design, weed, withering, wonderwall, working out, writing
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Account type:Early Adopter

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