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User:star_lette (298104)
Location:Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:belladonna1186 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Waiting, wondering,
While trying to own up, if I find the words,
Apologies are useless without
An address to send them to
Waiting, wondering,
How long you could be missing from my life
Without a clue
I've racked my brain about a hundred times a day
I'm confused by everything, I've used my means,
I'm still uncertain
Now it boils down to one big question
Are we separated by five states, two countries,
Or the next town over?
Sad girls for life
I've racked my brain about a hundred times a day
I'm confused by everything,
I've used my means,
I'm still uncertain
Waiting, wondering
I guess I'll keep my fingers
Crossed till I can get an answer
Sad girls for life
What's the last thing I said to you?
Can't count on anyone but you
Wait, wait, wait,
I'll wait here for you
Interests:127: 80’s music, a clockwork orange, audrey tautou, august spies, bangs, barrettes, beer city records, beetlejuice, betsy johnson, bettie page, betty davis, bikini kill, billy idol, black and white pictures, black flag, black lace, blatz, blindfolds, bombshells, bondage, boston, boys, bright eyes, bullet bras, candle light, cats, champaign, cheese doodles, cigarettes, cock sparrer, creepers, cyndi lauper, daisys, dancing, dark hair, def leppard, dirt, drinking, drugs, edgar allan poe, exene cervanka, eyeliner, fetish models, filmography, fine art, fishnets, flowers, foreign films, french films, friends, funeral dress, gilmore girls, gretta garbo, grindcore, guarder belts, guitar, hairspray, high fashion, high heels, hot hot heat, hubba hubba, james dean, jared leto, jean harlow, jem and the holograms, johnny depp, jthm, kids in the hall, kiss, les savy fav, lesbiens, lilys, lingere, lip biters, little blue pills, love, makeup, mankind, marilyn monroe, mini skirts, motley crue, moxie, murder city devils, murder city records, old films, photography, pin up girls, poll dancers, pretty girls make graves, red lipstick, requiem for a dream, rock stars, rock'n'roll, rocky horror, roses, run dmc, sahara hotnights, screamo bands, second coming records, skirts, spider cunts, stars, strippers, tattoos, the cure, the damned, the freeze, the holy molars, the locust, the obliterated, the ramones, the who, the young ones, thigh highs, tight pants, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, toys, troma, up yours, vanity beds, vice squad, vintage clothes, wine, x, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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