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User:ssha (108254)  
Bio:Howdy! Nothing too terribly interesting about me. I'm 23, live in Seattle, work as a temp. I have a band with some other people ( here, though we're not yet a very serious band. I've dubbed it a living room band, to everyone's amusement. This is like a garage band, only warmer. If you're wondering, and don't want to bother visiting the site mentioned, I sing, and play fiddle, viola and electric bass guitar. Outside of the band, I also dabble in piano/keyboard, flute, classical violin and mandolin. Okay, so 17 years of classical violin isn't dabbling, but hey.

The thing I most want currently is to own an electric fiddle. Or at least a pickup for the one I've got now, so that I might play somewhere close to the godly level of the One True Bob (of Great Big Sea. Did I mention I'm a big fan of the b'ys? Well, there ya go).

Anyway, that's about all that's really pertinent about me that I can think of so far. Hope you enjoyed.

Oh yeah, and I'm evil. Anna the Piper tells me so. Frequently.
Interests:45: ambient music, amped!, angel, bass guitar, beer, bluegrass, books, buffy, cats, celtic music, classical music, computer games, computers, diablo 2, evangelical friends, evil, fantasy, fiddle, fish, friends church, fusion frenzy, great big sea, guppies, herpetology, hounds, invader zim, jazz, maine coons, paganism, paintball, philosophy, psychology, quakers, rats, sci-fi, small livestock, snakes, snow, the sims, theology, three good measures, trance music, viola, violin, wine
Friends:1: satan_dot_com
Friend of:1: satan_dot_com
Account type:Early Adopter

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