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Below is user information for SugardSpice. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:squirliebanana (215919)
Location:Minooka, Illinois, United States
Bio:Myspace Gothic Icons

sam --

An oral sex master

I live with my sister by wonderful choice- in our own house. Have no boyfriend but that’s okay. it doesn’t mean I’m going to die alone. I don’t claim to be original or different; I’m just doing what makes me happy. If anyone else has done it, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m creative, fragile, emotional, modest, and absolutely crazy. I have passion for music, art, trouble, my friends, night-life and dreams. Love me or hate me, there’s no in between.

feeling: hot

listening to: Jack Johnson, Rise Against, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Hatebreed, StoneSour, MCR. I’ve been told I have a “uniquely eclectic taste in music”

reading: Some random Dean Koontz. I think it’s Fear Nothing (which is my favorite... but I’ve read a gazillion times)

loving: Tara, Stephanie <3

movie addictions: Boondock Saints, Superbad, Knocked Up, Transformers, Disturbia


Sleeping; camping; drinking, drawing, four-wheeling, lasertag; movies; Malibu (rum); myspace-ing; hiking; movie collecting; paintballing; photography; scavvie hunts; Slammers; truckstops; journals; pink; MGD; Australia; punk; Scrubs; kisses; Bam Margera; sex; Dr. Pepper; glitter, friends; thunderstorms; Fall; costume parties; Guitar Hero; eyeliner; my T; black lights; love; pink hair (I have); Army boys; Midori; brogues; Bawls; Counter Strike source; road trips; wave-jumping; mosh pits; tattoos; fishing; monkeys; hardcore; FNC; skateboarders; Dane Cook; writing; and randomness

Crying; posers; shallow people; humidity; cheaters; bills; gangsta-rap; beets; PT Cruisers; typos; cockiness/arrogance; sloppy drunks; “gangbangers”; toe socks; growing up.
Friends:7: bseckretmod, freezepops, goodgirlbadgirl, hathor19, knifeman, suicidekitten, unsent
Friend of:12: aberrated, deathtakeme, driftwoodprose, evil_warlord, hathor19, jan168301, knifeman, kobunnie, pickupthephone, thedrummerchick, trillian, xalmaxrotax
Member of:6: blurtyseckret, dearyou_, escape_it, icons_, venting_mind, _____onlywords
Account type:Free User

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